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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thirteenth Rune Eihwaz

Eihwaz - Phonetic Value EI - Traditional Meaning: Yew Tree
Pronounced I-Wawz  
Expanded Meaning - Strength, stability, grounding, dependability, trustworthiness, reliability. 
This rune shows us a marked decision made in a reasonable manner and the ability to achieve the goal set. 
It is the sign of a direct and clear sense of purpose that is well planned, well thought out and will be well executed! 
Due to the nature of the Yew Tree this rune represents a plan of action that you have taken great time with, great care and have firmly rooted into place. This is on an “on a whim” course of action. 
This rune can also represent a person, usually a male or someone with male energy, that can be trusted, is honest and may be relied upon. 
Rune Tip: The Yew Tree is thought by the Celts to represent longevity and were studied by the Celts due to the Yew Trees unusual nature to grow alone and not in groups. 


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