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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Romance in a Tough Economy

Money is tight these days but romance does not have to die! 
There are many ways to be romantic without spending a ton of money.
Granted diamonds may always be a girl’s best friend and nothing can beat front and center tickets to his favorite team, but below are some great ideas to keep the romance and passion alive in any relationship during these tough economic times.
Love Coupons: Get creative and crafty and make your loved one a book of coupons they can redeem for special little somethings form you! Think of what your loved one would want you to do for them. Not all coupons need be sexual in origin mind you. You can offer to do one of their chores. Trust me he will love it if you give him a coupon to mow the lawn for him and she won’t mind at all if you want to do the dishes! Sure it may sound a little sexist but customize the coupons to what you know your loved one would want! 
Draw a Bubble Bath: Light some candles, play some soft music, and full the tub with bubbles, then get out of the room! Let them indulge for a while alone in a hot relaxing tub. Taking time for ourselves now and then can in fact liven up the romance. After soaking and letting the stress of the day wash off they may just be more inclined to heat things up with you! 
Love Letters: I don’t think we write enough these days. With the internet, texting, email etc we forget there is a lot to be said for a handwritten love note! Decorate the paper with drawings or loving sentiments around the main paragraphs. Use cologne or perfume to scent the paper. Wrap it in one of your hair ties if you are a woman and if a man tie it in a pretty bow, girls of all ages like pretty things! Write about your first date, how you met, your first thoughts of them, when you knew you were in love with them, anything that comes to mind. Its not always about being eloquent here, its about the fact you took the time to do this for them! 
A Pathway to Their Heart: Flowers really are not that expensive if you buy them on sale or at a discount store. Instead of giving them a bouquet - sprinkle flowers in a path way to the bed. When they get home after a long day at work the flowers can lead them right to you! Its cute, whimsical and terribly romantic! 
Read Together: There is something so wonderful about sharing a good book. Sure you may both have different reading interests or perhaps your loved one does not really read much at all but if you lay in bed snuggled up together any book can take on a romantic appeal! 
Bored Game?: Make any bored game edgy and sexy by making some new rules! Think about strip poker but make it a little more challenging by instead of simply stripping, quiz each other with sexy little questions and find out more about your loved one! Each time someone makes an advancement in the game the other person has to answer a question asked by their loved one! Now play fair and don’t ask things you do not want to hear the answer to! Good questions are things like: 
Where do you like to be kissed the most? 
If we could make love anywhere in the world where would it be?
Dress Up and Stay Home: Getting dressed up for each other is always exciting. Remember back when you were first dating and stressed over what to wear? Bring that feeling back to life for each other by having a date night at home! You do not have to have plans to go out to get fancied up for each other! This is especially for the girls as we do love to look our best but often times we get trapped into the sweats and a tee-shirt mode and even though your man may love the way you look no matter what lets not forget that there are alot of vultures out there in the day to day world looking pretty sexy! Get dressed up and enjoy a movie and dinner right in your own home! 
Romantic Dinner for Two: To aid in the above idea, why not have a candle lit dinner at home? Set some mood lighting, play some soft background music and make his or her favorite dish! Sit across the table so you can look at each other in the eyes and build up that sexual tension and romance! Feed each other, share a dessert, play footsies under the table! We know where it can all lead so why not just cut to the chase - the drive home and getting to the bedroom won’t be near as long! 
Slave For A Day: That’s right, but it may not be what you think! Take a day off from work if you can or get home early enough to get EVERYTHING done that they would normally need to do. Take care of both of your daily chores and routine and make sure they need not life a finger when they get home that day! This is especially great to do on  a Friday so that they have an extended weekend! A nice unexpected surprise that will make them feel the love! Remember these acts need not be especially sexual or romantic but by showing you are thinking of them and their needs you will awaken the passion and romance in the relationship! 
The Love List: Write a list of 10 or 20 things you love about them. Remind them what makes them special not only to you but as a person. Build them up and help them see their true value and how they hold that very important place in your heart. Tape it in a place they can’t miss and leave it there so they have it as a daily affirmation! 
Keeping the romance alive is never easy and should be an ongoing priority for all lovers and married couples! If you have noticed the romance is fading from your relationship, instead of sulking and wondering why the other person is not taking initiative, do so yourself! You may just wake up the lover in them! 


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