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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ninth Rune Hagalaz

Ninth Rune Hagalaz - Phonetic Value H - Traditional Meaning: Hail
Expanded Meaning: 
Hagalaz is the first rune of the second set of eight. This is significant because this is a rune of transformation. 
Hagalaz represents destructive forces at work. These can be forces of nature such as weather or can be internal forces such as ones subconscious, emotions or mental problems. 
When this rune is cast it is a symbol that one is either in or entering a transforming stage of crisis. While chaotic it is controlled. 
This is a chance for change and introspection. Often this can lead toward a hermit phase where one looks deeply inward and withdraws from daily drama in order to find clarity. 
If you take into consideration water / or a rain storm one can think of this as a negative however the rain can wash you clear of confusion and cleanse one’s soul. A violent hail storm may cause damage but in the confrontation with ones dilemma you can find that you are forced to see the path more clearly. This rune signifies someone who may need outside forces to aid them in confronting their deepest fears, darkest secrets or their own destructive nature! 
The goal of this experience is not to devastate but to bring one to their own inner harmony and transformation! 


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