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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Favorite Five Spiritual Movies

I am not the biggest movie buff in the world by any means but I do have a few favorites.
The following are some of my favorite “spiritual” movies and my reasons for why they are my favs! 

Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven is an older movie but at the top of my list of favorites when it comes to having a spiritual meaning. This movie is about two loves who meet but must part. (I don’t want to give away the whole movie so I am sorry for being cryptic.) One begs for a chance to be with their love again and is given the chance ... but it is only a chance. 
Soul Mate Connotation! 
Check out the cameo appearances from some well known folk - well if you are as old as I am they will be well known. Great musical score to boot with the song “We’ve Never Danced”.  

The Lakehouse
Not so much a past life situation but definitely a soul mate one. I also love the skewed timeline - yes I did have to watch it twice to fully understand it lol hey no one said I was a brainiac! If you have not watched this movie yet get it for the weekend! It’s for sure a tear jerker! Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves star in this romance which is far from a comedic romance! These lovers keep up with each others timeline by writing notes and letters to each other and placing them in the mailbox of the home they both live in - in separate timelines! I guess we can say NOTHING can keep these two apart - or can it? 
You have to watch for yourself to find out! 

A journey of a son through his fathers amazing stories but what is the real story? A son tries to reconcile the “truth” of his father’s life while his father is at the end of his days. By the end of the movie you may or may not think you know what is fact and what is fiction but you will love every character in this story and the “truth” will no longer matter! 

Finding Neverland 
Well first of all Johnny Depp is in it - need I say more? But seriously this is a great movie! Aside from this being based on Peter Pan this movie is about giving of oneself beyond our own needs. Life always manages to give us not want we want, but what we need and sometimes it is one and the same! There are some amazing lessons in this movie to be shared with a loved or one enjoyed on your own. It is a tear jerker though - be warned! 

Staring the lovely and recently late Brittany Murphy, Neverwas is another father / son bonding movie. A well-known psychiatrist takes a job where his father lived before he wrote a renowned children’s book. There he meets a schizophrenic who uncovers some truths within the story! This is a very tender and magical story. Neverwas got some bad reviews but I just cannot seem to figure out why. Its poignant and enrapturing! I’m not even sure I can explain it and do it any justice and perhaps that is why the reviewers did not care for it so much. Its hard to enjoy what one cannot FULLY understand! 
Well there you have it ... there are others but those would be my top five believe it or not! 
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  1. thanks for those reviews, I can add one of them to my list of films to see, but would add the (maybe) obvious Always as a favourite of mine with Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter and also What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams :)

  2. Absolutely! Thank you - I have not seen it - will rent it this weekend if I get time to enjoy a good movie! Thanks again! : )

  3. HAHA!! I LOVE your pick of movies...you've suggested a couple that I've not seen, since three of your movies are among my faves, I am SURE the other two you've suggested I will love! Maybe one for tonight!! Thanks Azz!

  4. So welcome and happy to help! Great minds think alike right! :)


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