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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fourteenth Rune Perthro

Perthro - Phonetic Value P - Pronounced Perth-Row

Traditional Meaning: Vagina, Lot Cup
Expanded Meaning: This rune has a strong feminine quality. It is also about abundance! Perthro is about feminine energy, mystery and secret matters. 
Perthro is about the knowledge that traditionally only women possessed. It is about knowing oneself, having resolve and dignity, candor and fellowship. 
If this rune is cast it may be indicative of a strong female role model entering your path. It can also be demonstrative of your own feminine abilities. 
Perthro is about job and evolutionary change, about abundance and fulfillment. It is significant of a strong and determined woman or feminine energy, that is stead fast and has wisdom. 
I always think of the Crone phase of life when I pull this rune. It reminds me of the wisdom we develop over time, that we will pass on to our daughters and granddaughters. I think of my mother, grandmother and my great grandmother when this rune comes up. 
Perthro represents knowledge of one’s own destiny, a clear and decisive path already walked, attainment of knowledge and secrecy to divulge it to those deserving and prepared to obtain the information. It is about passing this knowledge down to the younger generations.
Rune Tip: There is a mystical side to Perthro. The occult is an influencing factor however only in the sense that women as a whole are mystical creatures with their own little hidden agendas at play. While men carry feminine traits and while men have been women in past lives, it is in the human form that women carry certain knowledge of what it is to live within the female embodiment!


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