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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fifteenth Rune Algiz

Algiz - Phonetic Value Z or R - Pronounced All-Yee-See or Ale-Hawz
Traditional Meaning: Protection, The Elk
This is the fork in the road before you that brings you to a need to make a choice in a matter. This rune signifies channeling your energies to make that choice. This rune also tells you to use your intuition and instincts. 
Mostly, however, this rune is about protection and shielding oneself or others from negative energies! Beware of energy vampires or a succubus that may try to leech onto your success! 
Like the horns of the Elk the forks in the road before you allows you see before you new opportunity and more options however you must warn away from excess emotion, use balance and temperance along with your gut instincts to see the clear path! 
This rune is a reminder that you cannot avoid or hide from the negative around you even if it is within yourself. Pain, fear, opposition, must be met dead on in order to make your choices with clarity! 


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