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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eleventh Rune Isa

Isa - Phonetic Value E as in Deep - Traditional Meaning: Ice

Expanded Meaning: This rune is usually one to support others around it although not always. 
Think of Isa pronounced with a long E sound in place of the I, as ICE, it freezes things in place and brings things to a stand still. This rune can represent psychological or emotional blocks to thought processing or mental activity. This is a rune that tells us we need clarity but for some reason we are at a halt. This may mean that it is a good time to go inward, to our hermit mode, and wait for some sign to come. 
Rune Tip: While I do not personally read runes in reverse (also known as Merkstave) for those of you who do, this rune is never to be read as Merkstave! 


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