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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eighth Rune Wunjo

Eighth Rune Wunjo - Phonetic Value W or V - Traditional Meaning: Joy

Expanded Meaning: Wunjo is a rune that tells us of joy, pleasure, ecstasy and reward, however it also reminds us not to forget to be humble and never to take things to extremes! 

Wunjo symbolizes glory, spiritual reward or gain, harmony, abundance, and all things good, when in moderation! This rune can be a sign of a very good fortune but if in the wrong hands can also mean devastation, loss, regret, the opposite extreme! 

If one can find balance and use temperance then they will see that they gain recognition and have overall success, however when one misuses their powers they can find themselves in a hole they may never dig themselves out of. 


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