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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Retrograde!

Mercury goes retrograde again starting tomorrow, March 30th and will remain in retrograde until April 23rd. 
Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo therefore has a direct association to character traits of those signs. 
During a Mercury retrograde you will not want to enter into contracts, or try to have “the talk” with a loved one. Mercury rules over communication and there are often break downs in communication during a Merc Retro! 
Electronics seem to go haywire during this time as well and it is thought that purchasing anything electronic is a bad idea during a retrograde. 
Even bookkeeping can be hazardous at this time! 
You may even discover something you are expecting in the mail or have shipped to take forever to arrive! 
Mercury is a messenger so when you think about communication as a whole, be that in person, via mail, the written word, electronics such as email, text, etc, there is a good chance for things to go a bit bonkers! 
While life cannot stop during a retrograde and we depend so heavily on communication, just keep good ol Merc Retro in mind and try to be a bit more patient with yourself and others during this time frame. 
Also try to avoid any important decision making, contracts, and purchases that revolve around electronics and communication! 
For more info on Mercury Retrograde see here:


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