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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Third Rune Thurisaz

Thurisaz - Phoentic Value TH - Traditional Meaning: Giant or Thorn

Expanded Meaning: Conflict and Hardship. Defense in face of possible destruction, Reactionary stance due to painful event, discipline in the face of hardship, introspection and focus brought on from a difficult situation. 
This rune can show that one is or is about to undergo a very difficult passage. This passage can bring one into a deeper understanding of self and surrounding situations or individuals. Through the challenges one can gain enlightenment as long as the individual embraces change. One may choose to purge oneself of troublesome situations and come out with a new outlook and path. 
Rune Reading Tip: Note that with most runes that show destruction, difficulty, or any “negative” meaning, usually there is an up-side as well. Nothing is set in stone and as long one takes advantage of the knowledge before them they can shift what would be a negative experience into an enlightening and learning one. 


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