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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sixth Rune Kenaz

Sixth Rune Kenaz - Phonetic Value K - Traditional Meaning: Beacon or Torch

Expanded Meaning: This rune represents that Ah-ha moment! A revelation or vision. 
This rune can show us that a moment is coming up or is happening where things fall into place and make sense. This is about the power each of us posses inside of ourselves to over come obstacles, create new ways of doing things or thinking. 
This rune can show a vital moment of transformation along our life path, creativity, invention, and inspiration. 
When thinking about the traditional meaning this rune is a sign of fire and passion, which can mean that it is attached to relationships but this is not always the case. Whatever your passion may be at this time look for a sign, a vision, a coming of power and knowledge and be on the look out of your Ah-ha moment! Be open to seeing the signs and accepting your own personal power. 


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