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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seventh Rune Gebo

Seventh Rune Gebo - Phonetic Value G - Traditional Meaning: Gift
Expanded Meaning: This rune symbolizes the exchange of energy via gifts. Physical gifts of generosity and gifts of self. This gives a balance to ones core. This can be something that one may consider to be giving to one’s karma through sharing, benefiting, assisting and caring for others or can be about money or items as well. 
This rune will come up also in times of contractual agreements, personal relationships that are budding or building, business matters, and many other periods in one’s life.
It often comes up around holidays as well.
Consider this rune to be a sign of prosperous and beneficial conditions, situations, partnerships and the like. 
If you draw this rune this is evidence that what you give out into the universe you will also receive! 
Rune Tip: If you cannot make your own rune stones find someone who is not only talented but also holds similar spiritual beliefs to yourself to assist you in their creation! 
You may also buy a rune set and while they do not have to be made out of wood try to at least find natural products such as marble, granite, or other minerals. 
If a rune set is given to you as a gift, much like tarot cards, this is a good thing as well second only to making your own! 


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