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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is Justin Bieber my Soulmate?

One may think this is a really funny question - I admit when I saw it posted on the public boards of a site I work on I got a chuckle but my knowledge of soul mates and how they work chimed in and I had to admit - it IS possible! 
There are theories that it is very possible many of us are related if you go far enough down the bloodlines and dig deep enough into our family trees. Spiritually speaking it is quite possible that at some point in time, many lifetimes ago, or even in our last lifetime we have been soul mates with someone like Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, even Oprah Winfrey herself! 
First of all you have to believe in past lives. If you do not then you can still smirk at this article or just pass it by. Then once you believe in past lives you can believe in soul mates as they go hand in hand - you can not subscribe to one school of thought without subscribing to the other - well you “can” but it just does not work. 
Since souls do travel in soul groups it is far more likely you are soul mates with someone “famous” if they are in your actual soul group however souls often do cross over into other groups which is how we can make brand new soul mates. Obviously we need to make new soul mates and do not always keep bumping into the same ones over and over although that is more likely the case most of the time. 
The thing I like to drive a person away from however is the idea that having a soul mate that is someone “famous” really means anything important or special at all. It doesn’t! They are a soul, pure and simple, just like you or me, who happen to have a path of fame in THIS life. That does not mean that they did in other lifetimes, nor will they again,  or that you have not been famous. 
When someone gets caught up wondering if a famous person is a soul mate 99.9% of the time it is out of an obsession not due to an actual soul mate connection, however it is not impossible. The fact is it is possible to go back far enough to discover just about anyone is a soul mate. The real issue lies in the importance we place on soul mates. 
As I have discussed in other articles which you can search on my blog, soul mates are not uncommon, we have many of them and there are many kinds of soul mates. The issue lies in when we romanticize them and think they are rare and we may never meet one and if we have met one we may never meet another. Soul mate situations in their truest form, love mates, life mates, twin flames, etc are more rare, and they are most of the time quite troublesome on many levels. Most soul mates we meet we do not even give proper credence to! That school teacher who helped you in 6th grade, the nurse who took special interest in you after that car accident, the neighbor who helped you when your dog was hit by a car, you name it, those people who enter our lives for a short period of time who leave a profound impact are soul mates! Those are the ones who need to be recognized who fall between the cracks because we are looking for that soul mate that gives us that WOW factor, makes us fall head over heels and changes our lives for a long period of time. 
As I have also said in past articles, be careful what you wish for. More often than not once you have experienced a soul mate situation with a lover you will appreciate more those simpler more basic romantic situations. 
Not that I am knocking love soul mates but we have to open our eyes to the fact that we are all souls coming and going in this universe, we may be in this body right now and we may or may not be famous or as in our society viewed as “important” but for those of you wondering if Justin Bieber is your soul mate ... he just may be or not.


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