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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fourth Rune Ansuz

Ansuz - Phoentic Value A - Traditional Meaning: Ancestral God, Odin
Expanded Meaning: Speech, communication, verbalization and the power of the spoken word. Insight, signals and signs. Harmony, inspiration, enlightenment, empowerment, truth, vision, blessings. Good health, harmony, wisdom.
When this rune is drawn it is a sure sign that you are on a positive path or that a positive change is to come if your current path has not been so awesome. 
Keep your eyes opened for signs, symbols, or things that give a true meaning to your options. 
Trust your vision, listen to those with wise words to offer, count your blessings and allow for your intuition to flow! 
Rune Tip: Odin, the primary God of Norse mythology, is seen on tarot cards as The Hanged Man. 


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