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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fifth Rune Raidho

Fifth Rune Raidho - Phonetic Value R - Traditional Meaning: Wagon or Chariot

Expanded Meaning: This rune represents travel or a journey. This can be literal or spiritual. This rune will show up when there is a mental, emotional, spiritual or perspective change to come about in an individual or when one is about to embark on a trip, going toward a new physical destination or when one is about to make a lifestyle change. This rune should be looked at as something quite important because it is not just about taking a trip somewhere fun or relaxing but is about change due to travel or realignment of the mental / emotional outlook. This rune indicates one should look at the big picture or view their world on a larger scale. It is about seeing the opportunity before you and making a firm decision on where your path should lead instead of taking a more passive outlook and “letting” things happen TO you it is about taking initiative. 
Rune Tip: Many who become interested in runes also have an interest in tarot cards. If you know basic tarot card layouts you can use them for rune casting as well. 


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