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Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream Meaning: Storm

If you have had dreams or nightmares about storms, be them gentle rain showers, thunderstorms, or even hurricanes this is a sign of turmoil.
You may be being given a sign that trouble is brewing up ahead of you or perhaps you are already dealing with troubles. 

The more treacherous the storm the closer you are to the problem. If you see a storm brewing in the distance you can take this as a sign that trouble is ahead of you, however if you are in the middle of a storm it is likely you already know what the trouble is and are directly involved in it already.
To see a gentle rain shower is indicative of those little road blocks that get in our way or a trouble maker in your presence. 
To see a treacherous storm or being in one would then mean that the troubles you are facing or about to face are much more intense. 
If your life is relatively smooth sailing when you have a storm dream then prepare for some waves ahead and carry an umbrella of course figuratively speaking. You can prepare to defend yourself or someone else, or be ready to take action where necessary. 
These storm dreams can also be your own hidden fears and emotions catching up with you, telling you its time to take action and face the music and stop hiding from the troubles you face! 
The rainbow after this storm is that more often than not, when you have troubles accompanied with dreams about storms there is a chance for a spiritual uprising in the aftermath! An opportunity for change is on its way and a lesson to be learned from the trials and tribulations you have faced. 


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