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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dream Meaning: Snakes

A regular client of mine just asked me about seeing a snake in her dreams so I decided to bring back my dream meaning articles to help her understand her snake dream. 
Snakes symbolize a lot of different things from hidden fears and sexual desires to someone around you who is of a callous and deceptive nature.

Of course as with in any dream one must really have supporting facts and details to truly interpret their dream correctly but for the sake of symbolism the following rings true:
If you see a snake in your dream wether you are bitten by it or not shows your fears and worries that are bothering you. This can be something you are aware of but also bear in mind this very well could be something about to surface and surprise you so keep your eyes open! 
If you see or feel snakes in your bed or under the covers it can show repressed sexual desires, lack of sexual experience, fear of intimacy, or desire for intimacy. Snakes are phallic symbols much of the time, think garden of Eden, and when under the covers could be because you are covering up or hiding sexual desires, even from oneself. In the same note it could show that you are trying to repress your desires, or that you are not able to be with the one you love and attempting to keep other temptations at bay. Depending on how you react to the snake this could give other meanings to the dream. Perhaps you are fighting the snake off? You could be fearful of someone who is making sexual advances toward you. This is why supporting information about the dream is helpful to really do a through interpretation. 
If your snake has two heads it can mean you are going in two different directions or have two people or situations pulling at you and you do not know which way to go. You feel overwhelmed and over burdened and may feel either a duty to both sides or a compulsion to both. 
If your dream is more violent in nature and you rip the head off of the snake you are showing your dominance in the situation and you are actually manifesting the strength to handle or continue in the current circumstances. You are showing that you have the ability to overcome but you may want to stop and reconsider your methods. You may have a sneaking tendency coming up where you will be faced with a fight or flight feeling in which you may over react if not careful and thoughtful. 
There are many other meanings for a snake showing up in our dreams! Its always wise to keep a dream journal next to our bed so we can write down every memory of each dream before we forget about them. You never know which dreams will continue to bother us through out the day or weeks to come and its great to have the added information for your dream interpreter handy when you decide to get a dream reading! 
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