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Monday, January 10, 2011


Thank you ~S~ for your lovely testimonial - it means so much to me! 

I've been a client of Azzrian's for over a year and a half now. She's done castings and readings for me. Her readings are always on target- the situations, the people involved, and my own feelings about it, even if I don't want to admit them to myself! Her intuition is remarkable, she has always given me clarity, validation, and real guidance, especially when it comes to my current relationship. Her predictions for me have always been accurate and having her on my side through difficult decisions definitely helps me feel more confident on which path to take. I've had a few pretty hard situations happen recently, leading me to be pretty confused and just perpetually negative. I asked Azzrian to cast a spell to bring me clarity and help restore my usual positive self. Since the last day of casting, I have been feeling so much more optimistic about things- I've also been feeling more motivated and empowered. I am confident that through this, I'll be able to make more sound decisions and be more clear on the next steps to take. I feel really lucky to have Azzrian not only as a spiritual guide, but really as a friend. She is a wealth of knowledge, has a wonderful sense of humor, is generous, and is just an all around awesome person, a beautiful soul. She truly listens to all my concerns, is refreshingly honest, and is always supportive of my decisions. I'll always turn to her when I need spiritual guidance. Love ya Azz!!!


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