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Monday, January 24, 2011

Spell Casting 101

Due to many who have shown an interest I am going to be conducting a group course session on spell casting.

The class is limited to five people.
I am also offering private sessions as well.
The first group session will be on Saturday February 19th. It will be composed of two sessions which will also include the following Saturday, February 26th.
Each Session will run from 3pm Central Standard Time to 5pm Central Standard Time. 
At the end of the session you will be given a certificate of completion.
Private Courses may be scheduled at a time that works for both yourself and my schedule. 
Spell Casting 101 will cover:
  1. Balancing your energy / preparing your energy for ritual work.
  2. Cleansing your energy / after casting focus.
  3. Casting a protective circle.
  4. Concentration of magical items.
  5. Basic Ritual Items.
  6. The Wiccan Rede.
  7. Prayers for ritual work.
  8. Writing an Intention.
  9. The Elements and using them in ritual work.
  10. Simple Spells for Life, Love, and Happiness.
I will also be offering Spell Casting 102 at a later time which will go deeper into ritual work, spells, and specialized forms of magic. You must complete Spell Casting 101 to participate.
Group Session 100.00 per person - limited to the first five to enroll.
Private Session - 400.00 
By the end of Spell Casting 101 you will know the proper way to channlen your energy and focus, how to stay balanced and cleansed in your energy for effective spell work, how to write a proper intention that harms none, how to concencrate your magical items and what items to keep on hand, how to protect yourself and your magical items, what you need for your ritual space, and how to properly cast basic spells for the following:
Spell Casting 102 will provide more challenging spell rituals. 
Included with your certificate will be a collection of my own personal rituals from my private Book of Shadows which has been in my family for hundreds of years. These are cherished and effective rituals unknown too all but those who are in the course.
If you would like to enroll simply use the paypal buttons on the Education page by clicking HERE for either group or private sessions.
All sessions will be conducted via yahoo chat in a conference room.
Please email me your Yahoo Chat name so you may be invited.
No refunds. 
I do understand sometimes things come up so if you are unable to attend you will be allowed half of your payment toward other services I offer unless I can fill your spot before the date of the class. 
You must attend BOTH days to be certified and receive my spells from my family Book of Shadows. 
No Transcripts will be provided so take notes! 
This is a class just like any course you would take in a college or elsewhere and you will be expected to take notes, pay attention and show respect to others. 
We will have plenty of Question and Answer time at the end of each session. 
With love, 
Azzrian Visions


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