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Monday, January 31, 2011

Second Rune Uruz

Uruz - Phonetic Value U - Traditional Meaning: Auroch, a wild ox. Long U sound when pronounced. 
Expanded Meaning: One’s untamed potential, strength, vitality, health, and energy. Shows courage, determination, as well as wisdom and fortitude. 
Has masculine symbolism, which may or may not indicate a male energy source but could be a female source with male drive. Sometimes this rune will forecast sudden changes in one’s path which is usually for the greater good. This rune can show potency and sexual desire. Overall this rune is about developing prowess and the forming of oneself. 
Rune Making Tip: When you create your runes you are not just carving them you are giving them life. While you carve the shape of the rune into the wood chant the name of the rune and give it breath along with its namesake and energy. 


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