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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Runes

I love doing rune readings. I was actually introduced to this later in my path and not by my great great grandmother as most of my abilities were learned. A Native American man actually introduced me to reading runes and I have been a fan of them ever since.
I can not say I do a lot of rune readings - they really are not that popular. I feel one of the reasons for this is because we wish for so much detail in our readings these days and the runes are actually very direct and basic. A rune reading generally will not be more than a couple paragraphs or several short sentences per rune. Granted anyone can spin a lot of info from a very limited amount of valid info by restating and re-wording however the runes are very perfect in their simplicity. They very much remind me of Buddhist sayings in their nature because you do not need a ton of verbiage to get the point across. 
I like this because our life paths should not always be completely interpreted by our psychic advisor but something should be left open sometimes to ponder, to consider and to give thought to. It is in our own mind we find most of our answers - the runes in this sense guide us but do not force us. Tarot is similar in this way as well but the runes simplify things even more than Tarot.

A good set of runes can be bought but traditionally one would want to make their own set of runes. I have never made my own set but want to do that this year. I would suggest if you are curious about the runes that you would purchase a set to start out with and learn the symbols, then later create a set of your own. LOL it has only taken me over 20 years to decide to do this myself! 
Runes should be made out of wood, preferably from a fruit bearing tree. Apple works well but many types of wood would suffice. Just be sure you are taking fallen branches and not cutting branches for your use. One must respect nature in order for nature to serve them well. 

I have reinvested my interest in the runes and will be doing a series of articles on runes, each stone and its meaning, how to make your own set of runes and anything that comes to my mind regarding them. I hope you enjoy the articles to come.



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