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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Runes 101 - Part 1: Runes, What they are, How to Use Them and What They Mean.

There are many different sets of runes. There are the elder runes which were used in Northern Europe and the younger runes from Scandinavia. Runes are formally called Futhark. 
Runes are broken into three sections or groups each group consisting of eight symbols. 
This helps you remember their order and also lends to their magical uses.
Like in Tarot - runes may be read with “reversed” meanings, or not. That is up to the person interpreting the runes. There is varied opinion on this and disagreement. I however do not read reversed meanings because some of the rune symbols look the same regardless of how they are cast. For this reason it makes sense to me that there should not be reversed meanings. For those who choose to interpret reversed meanings remember that this does not make the meaning of said rune opposite - only that there would be a negative connotation to the meaning of said rune.

Check back for the first rune name and meaning! 


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