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Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Rune - Fehu

Fehu -  Phonetic Value F - Traditional Meaning: Domestic Cattle, wealth. 
Expanded Meaning:   Income and possessions that have been earned or won.
Luck, abundance, financial stability, in the present or in the near future. 
Symbol of hope, happiness and success. 
Can also be a symbol of social standing and success or a sign of creation and fertility.
Casting this rune is typically never a negative thing.
Rune casting tip: Begin with a simple three rune spread. The three runes represent the past, present and future in respective order as you cast them. 
Sit facing the north when casting your runes - the direction of the Gods in Norse Mythology. 
Consider your bag of runes not as a magical mysterious bag of tricks but rather as your subconsciousness as a whole, as if carrying your intuition along with you. 
Unlike psychic readers, runecasters do not tell the future or give you a fortune, rather they see the systematic ways of cause and effect. Its ancient psychology. 


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