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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aquarius In Love

The aquarian individual needs plenty of space and freedom. They will not last long with a clingy or needy individual. They are lovers of mystery and need to explore. 
Aquarians can come off at times as aloof or cool but if you can tap into their inner complexities you will find someone who is truly unique and quite interesting! 
The aquarian may seem to wander at times and could leave a more fragile person feeling excluded. If you are a strong and independent person than you may be able to handle the Aquarian quirks, but if you are the sensitive type who is easily hurt or jealous then the Aquarian individual is not for you. 
Aquarians can tend to be wanderlust and need to go off in their own direction to make sense of their world quite often. They will take many paths and many tributaries along each path to unwrap and discover what is around the next bend. 
This can leave their mate feeling that they are simply a lost soul but quite to the contrary they are not lost them are simply on their own path of discovery. 
Aquarians are an Air sign and can be excellent communicators, quick thinkers, and change direction depending on which way the breeze is blowing. The Aquarian lover would prefer an interesting and unique partner over someone who is drop dead gorgeous. While I am not saying looks do not matter to the Aquarian they will in fact choose one who is interesting and can hold their intellectual attention over someone who worries more of the shallow dynamics. To hold the attention of an Aquarius one must have depth and be multi-dimensional. 
Aquarians are drawn to off-beat individuals rather than the traditional or conservative type. If you are quirky, off the hook, a little outrageous, but have a strong wit, humor or intelligence you can easily keep an Aquarius on his or her feet and that is exactly what they are looking for! Someone who can keep them intrigued and keep the mystery and discovery alive in a relationship. 
More needy types may questions their Aquarian lovers loyalty due to their innate need to roam, however the Aquarian like any other sign does have the ability to fall madly in love and when they do they tend to be extremely loyal even if the person they love are not good for them. 
Bear in mind, no two signs are exactly the same. Time and place of birth have an affect as well as upbringing, social placement, and other factors. As humans we are not cookie cut or made from a mold but if you can keep the above information in mind you will have a much easier time getting along with your Aquarian love match! 


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