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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aquarius and Career

As an air sign Aquarians are excellent communicators and wish to unravel the mysteries of life. This makes them excellent candidates for careers in social fields of just about any kinds. However the Aquarius can become easily bored in careers they can too easily master and need change and challenge in order to feel fulfilled in their career path. 
An Aquarian should choose wisely before working toward a degree in any field and are usually better off if they study each area of interest before making a commitment to one area. Usually an Aquarian may wish to work in lower level areas of many fields before selecting one to become adept in. 
The younger Aquarian may want to try working in sales, radio, travel industry, hotel, waiting, bar-tending etc until they have a good idea what type of work suits them best and will challenge them for years to come. 
It is not uncommon for the Aquarian to change careers or direction in the college education one or more times before they settle in one area. 
Routine and being stuck in the same day to day circumstances can drive the typical Aquarian a bit batty so they need a job where change is imminent to keep them desiring to stay in one field. 
Some of the best career paths for Aquarius are:
CIA Agent
FBI Agent
Film Industry
Forensics Investigator
Public Relatoins
Radio Disc Jokey or Announcer
Social Worker
Steward or Stewardess 
Travel Agent
This is of course a short list only to give you ideas but also try to consider taking any two or more of the ideas above and mixing them to get more targeted ideas such as:
Travel Industry and Reporter - Travel Journalism would be an excellent career choice for the Aquarius as it allows the aquarian to be both the wander they love to be and uses their creative abilities as well.
Consider the ideas of Advocate and Social Worker - the Aquarian loves to help others and feel they are doing a civic duty. Being a court appointed special advocate for children or doing work for the elderly would be perfect for the Aquarius.
The Aquarian usually is so multi-dimensional that just ONE career path is not enough for them so by combining all of their skills they can really shine! 


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