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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Livepeson 2011 Lovescopes Now Published

Please check out Liveperson's 2011 Lovescopes by myself and Chrisalis
I did the love compatibility forecasts last year and was asked to do them again this year which of course I agreed as they are so much fun to do.
Chrisalis is a regular contributor to Liveperson's horoscopes and has done the love forecast for LP again this year. 


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Capricorn

Capricorn Dec 22nd - January 20th
Capricorn are devoted and steadfast people with a hidden soft side. Highly attuned to their own needs Capricorn can come off as cool and aloof but do not let their exterior fool you! Capricorn are highly emotional people who put up a wall because they know how easily they can be hurt. Worrisome and at times a bit obsessive about family and loved ones the Capricorn are cautious folk who need stability and security to be truly happy. Family oriented the capricorn prefers the warmth and safety of their humble abode over socializing and being on the go. Capricorn work hard and are extremely dutiful employees and partners but most people may find them impossible to please as they have high priorities and expectations! Capricorn females are at times insecure and have a hard time fitting in while Capricorn males tend to put off an egocentric energy. 
Both male and female Capricorn shield themselves with their exterior behavior. The Capricorn is naturally introverted and allow few people to get close to them and trust must be developed before they will open up. 
Capricorn love to work around the home both inside and out, tidying up, doing yard and lawn work, and taking good care of their homes. The Capricorn is proud of their achievements and are very wise when it comes to investments and saving up for a rainy day. Known to be frugal and always looking out for a good deal your Capricorn friend is the best person to take along on a shopping spree if you are looking to get the good deals although their penny pinching ways may put a damper on your party if you are looking to splurge! 
The Capricorn mind rules over the heart and while they do have a big heart they will in fact put logic and reason before emotion when it comes to their own best interest. You will find it nearly impossible to take advantage of a Cappi! 
Capricorn do very well in jobs where responsibility is necessary. Banking, Investment Trading, Stock Markets and Investing, Real Estate Development, and Business in general are their best paths to financial success. 
If you are a Capricorn reading this you may have felt that 2010 was a year of a lot of change for you. You have become more emotionally attuned and have realized perhaps its time for a few changes in how you perceive things. Capricorn rest assured that 2011 is going to be a much better year for you! 


Happy Holidays

Whatever your faith, however you celebrate, Happy Holidays to All.


Friday, December 3, 2010

A Parable

My mother sent this to me the other day and wanted to share it with all of you:
A man goes to the top of the mountain to speak to the World Famous Guru.  He reaches the top of the mountain and asks the Gura, which way is success?   The Guru points with his bony hand indicating “that way”.   The man goes the direction the Guru pointed and walks a few steps and goes “SPLAT”.  He goes back to the Guru, and again asks, which one do I go to find success.  Again, The Guru points in the same direction and the man walks a few steps and, again, falls and goes “SPLAT”.  Very frustrated and angry, the man marches back to the Guru and says, Okay, I followed your direction to success twice now and both times I fell and didn’t find success.   Now this time, speak, and TELL me which way to go.  The Wise Guru points in the VERY same direction again and this time says, it’s that way, just beyond the “SPLAT”.  
The moral of the story is this:   You may fail many times before you succeed but if you persevere you will eventually find success.