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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tie a Knot - What Tests Your Faith?

What Tests Your Faith?
We all are tested - even those of us who are considered to be more enlightened. 
Even your top spiritual advisors, your clergy, everyone.
Anyone who will say their faith is not tested now and then are simply in denial, hiding from the truth or liars.
We all have those moments in our lives where we feel all is lost, nothing can be fixed or healed, and we are at the end of our rope.
What tests your faith and how do you overcome it?
Sometimes talking to your advisor can help, other times you simply are too far into your own despair that no one can help you. Sometimes talking to a friend can soothe us but other times our friends have their own problems and we do not want to bother them or they can even tire of our issues. Sometimes we do not trust in others or do not feel they can empathize with our problems. Sometimes we do not even want to talk about what we are going through and actually need to wallow in our disappointments, angers, pains and frustrations.
Our world is in upheaval - we see more and more environmental problems, hunger, destruction, unemployment, health issues, you name it. How does one find their faith in all of this?
As a person who truly does believe everything happens for a reason even I get to a point where I want to throw up my hands. 
It takes a lot of strength sometimes to get through a day be it due to relationship problems, health concerns, lack of stable income, losing personal property or investments, etc.
What causes you to get to the end of your rope and what helps you tie that proverbial knot and hang on?
For me one thing is knowing I am not alone.
Another is looking outside my own little world and realizing that there are others far worse off than myself.
The hard part is when my problems are not really my own but the problems of those I love.
I find I can handle almost anything this world can toss at me personally but when it is a friend, a child a family member even a client, and I know this is their path to take and not my own - that is when I find I hit my ropes end. 
As a spiritual advisor it is my job to give advice and assistance however as a psychic reader it is my job to give predictions which can only be based on a person’s current path - then possible outcomes if a new direction is taken. This advice is not always heeded - its even worse with my own family and children.
Sometimes a person, a loved one or even ourselves need to take that harder path. 
My philosophy has recently changed to taking the path of least resistance however in my younger years I certainly was one to fight the battle! 
We all go through different phases at different times. Sometimes we need to be immersed in the fight and other times we need to step back and wave a white flag. 
This is not for anyone to judge! 
Your path is yours and yours alone and we can only hope to have one or two people beside us to support us come what may, regardless of “right” or “wrong” decisions! 
I do not believe in wrong decisions - even if I can see the outcome not being what one desires it is in those battles we find our inner strength and learn exactly who it is we are and what we are made of. Yes we will take some very hard knocks and feel the pain but we will develop character. 
There have been a lot of changes in my life lately. My daughter who most of you know has medical conditions that prevent her from having what most of us consider a “normal” life has come back home for schooling, at least for a while. I will spare you all the details of my go around with the school, finding her proper medical care, etc but I will tell you my faith has been tested. Not my faith in a higher power, not my faith in my belief system, or even myself, and certainly not my faith in my daughter. However, my faith in people who simply do not understand, do not educate, but yet seem to think they know it all has in fact lessened my faith in my fellow man. That was when my “end of the rope” came. 
To over come this feeling that people simply do not “get it” I had to find people like myself, people going through the same things I was, or at least close to it. It helps to at least be a background viewer be it in a forum, a message board, an online community, a group that meets monthly, weekly etc in person. Knowing you are not alone, are not the only one and that there are in fact people who DO “get it” helps more than I can say. 
Sometimes we have a tendency to completely withdraw when we are in the midst of a personal struggle. We feel lost and alone and that no one could be in our shoes. There is nothing further from the truth. Reach out, find others like you, talk to them or even just listen or read their experiences. You will find that faith in your fellow man again and perhaps even the light at the end of the tunnel. 
The worse thing one can do is go it alone. We are alone enough in this huge world of ours and I encourage all of you no matter what it is you are going through to reach out, talk to others who are going through or who have been through the things you are. Never stop trying, never stop fighting, even if you are like me and taking the path of least resistance at this time, at least take time to realize things could be worse, you are not alone, and things DO get better! 
You never know the connections you may make, the healing that can take place, and even how there are some people in this world who can reach out across continents to assist you just because they care. 
As the old saying goes, tie a knot and hang on! 


Libra - Happy Birthday! Career Paths and More

Happy Birthday Libra
Happy Birthday Libra! The sun sign Libra begins on September 24th and runs through October 23rd. Libra is an air sign. 
Libra - I am here to strike a balance and live an easy and uncomplicated life. I may not always have it but I am always evolving to develop the ability. Great failures may bring me down but the great successes will always lift me back up."
~ Azzrian Visions ~ 
Those born under the sign of Libra are peacemakers, fun loving, exciting and unique individuals who are nurturing and independent. However, Libra can tend to be aloof and distant when they are in the midst of their own internal struggles. Libra take things to heart and if they do not have a good balance in their lives they can at times tend to let everything fall apart around them. Do not underestimate Libra however, the Libra will figure things out in their own way, in their own time and usually come out of the darkness into the light in a way that will astound and bewilder most people. 
Libra and Career:
Because it is the goal of the Libra to find harmony and accord in their own lives they also seek to do so for and with others. Libra make excellent negotiators, mediators, and persuaders. Libra are social people with a delicate grace, unlike their Gemini air sign counterparts who are a little more direct and forceful in their personalities. Libra are fair, and stay neutral, gathering the information necessary to make clear and concise decisions Libra can keep their cool in the heat of the moment in most situations especially when those situations are not personal. Some excellent career path choices for Libra are:
Activist for Children, Elderly or Animals
Child Advocate
Childcare Worker
Disc Jockey
Elderly Care Worker
Environmental Scientsts
Financial Anaylst
Flight Attendant
Funeral Director
Grief Counselor 
Home Care Aide
Human Resource Assistant
Human Rights Advocate
Legal Advisors
Medical Technician 
Meeting and Convention Planners
News Analysts 
Personal Assistant
Public Relations Managers
Real Estate Agent
Recreation and Fitness 
Recreational Therapist
School Advisor, Counselor, Principal etc.
Social Worker
The list truly can go on and on however a focus on a career path that involves social skills, nurturing abilities, decision making and or helping others is key.
For more information on Libra see 


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clients, What Type Are You?

Just the Facts - This client wants only direct answers. As a reader I must hold back on details that may be necessary for the full picture. This client wants dates, timelines and predictions but does not want the full message on how such information could play out.
This can be an advisors most frustrating client because their level of patience for detail is lacking and they usually are only out for the answers they want to hear and not the pathways and options available to them.  This client can be a challenge as they can narrow the scope so much that the advisor reading for them has little chance to teach them anything about their personal choices, their free will, and the reasons why their patterns seem to keep coming back and harming their life path. Predictions, timelines and facts are a component of a good and through reading but they should not be weighed heavily if the client is not open to truly hearing the other necessary messages from their advisor.
Spiritually Enlightened - This is the client who looks for a reason behind everything and I am truly a person who does believe everything happens for a reason. However this client may be giving far too much leeway to a person in their life because they need to believe that every single person and situation has a “reason” or therefor excuse to treat them they way they are being treated. SOme people are just not healthy for us even if they are a soul mate or in our soul group. The spiritually enlightened client can often times allow another person to remain in their path because they feel that it is necessary for their own spiritual growth. I do enjoy working with this type of client but my message to you if you are this type is not to continue to stay in a path that is not healthy for you in the here and now. Those life lessons will have their chance to come to you regardless of if you stay on this path right now or move forward! Do not let the desire for spiritual enlightenment cause you to become stagnant! 
There is no Hope - This client will twist their advisors positive messages into negative ones no matter what they are told. They simply cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. They usually are in a very stagnant life path at the time and are tired, and know it is time to let go or move on or find a new path but they have come to the advisor for a fairy tale that they simply are not going to get, providing they are speaking with an ethical advisor. A good advisor will try to enlighten a client toward a more positive outcome, a better path or show what will happen if they do change their habits and patterns. The client who can find no hope in a reading is either seeking advice from a gloom and doom advisor who reads for them in a manner that is making them feel the need to cling to their reader and become addicted to psychic readings or, as more likely the case, are not getting the fluffy readings they desire, the fairy tales they want to hear and only focusing on the negative in the readings. If you are this type of client you most likely already know you need to change your behaviors, choices, patterns and the like but you are looking for that last glimmer of hope from your advisor to stay on your current path and then playing the victim when you do not get those uplifting positive messages and the outcome you desired to begin with. 
The Venter - This client really does not want a true reading but rather to have someone they can lash out at and blame for the lack of happiness in their lives. Sometimes this client is intentionally malicious but most of the time they are innocent and really do not even realize what they are doing. They have usually exhausted their friends of hearing their stories of despair or they do not feel there is anyone in their daily lives that would understand or perhaps tolerate their life story so they seek out a psychic advisor to lean on. Once into the reading they begin to make excuses for why things are not working for them putting up road block after road block, claiming they have tired everything to make their lives more workable. This client has usually hit their own road block and it will be very difficult to get past them. Understanding that not everyone wants their problems solved and sometimes needs to vent is key but as an advisor I have to be sure I do not become the whipping post. 
It’s All About Me - Sometimes a person just cannot understand that it’s really not all about them. Sometimes people are simply in a place in their lives where they are not ready for the same level of intensity you are. Sometimes the person you may be seeking a reading on simply needs more time before they can show you the side of them that you want them to. The client who cannot get past the “me” syndrome is usually seeking validation through another person. This type of client really needs to focus on self as ironic as that may sound. When we keep looking toward others for validation or justification there is usually a missing link within our own esteem or self awareness. It is a common theme for this type of client to ask a multitude of questions about the person they want the reading on. They are desperately searching for a way to make sense of why this person is not coming forward. This theme is usually common when the person they have their sights set on is not outwardly rejecting them yet holding them at a distance. This non-committal attitude of the other person leaves the client seeking guidance in a lurch not able to comprehend why the other person will not come forward yet at the same time is not letting them go. The client then keeps digging for some reason, something they did wrong, something they can do better, a means to connect to this other person. The fact is that when the timing is right, it simply is and no amount of work on the clients part is going to change where a person stands on their path. 
The What-If’r - The What If client is malleable to a fault and oh so willing to change for another person. This type of client is usually at their wits end, desperate and willing to try just about anything to win the heart of someone. This client has devalued their own core essence so much so that it may be already impossible for them to ever gain the respect of the one they desire. This type of client will ask many questions starting with phrases such as “What if I...” “What would happen if...” “Maybe if I ....” “Could I try ...”
and the sort. There are only so many somersaults and cartwheels we can turn before we not only make ourselves dizzy but those in our lives as well. Changing who you are will not win the heart of someone who did not love you to begin with. Changing who you are should only be done for yourself not for others. When we so desire to be with another person we can certainly justify to ourselves that this change is a good thing or necessary but in reality is only to attract the attention of another and therefore is not healthy change. 
These are of course only a handful of the types of client you may be, or as an advisor may have come to you. The purpose of laying out these common types is not to put anyone down or to hurt feelings but to make it possible for both the client and advisor to see a little into what client needs are, where a person is coming from and perhaps give some insight to how to change these patterns if you are the client. 
If you are a client and identify with one or more of these types perhaps try to be more open to a full and honest reading. Accept that most experts are not simply mechanical devices that will always adapt to your personality. It not easy to draw on energy and get the information you need along with dealing with individual quirks, frustrations, hurt etc.
Some advisors are more spiritually inclined and can give detailed spiritual readings. Other advisors take a more psychological approach and can work with angry and frustrated clients more easily. Some advisors purely want to give off predictions and make statements and do not care to go into the how and why of it all. A well rounded advisor is capable of picking up on your cues and reading for any type of client.
An advisor client relationship is however a two way street and respect must be given each way. 
With Love,


Spiritual Sexuality - Body Language

Have you ever been in a situation where you are attracted to someone and think you are giving off all the right signals?
Perhaps you are too shy to say how you feel, or the timing is wrong. Perhaps you are in a group setting and it simply is not appropriate to tell this person you would like to get to know them better. Maybe they are telling you they like you and everything you are saying is positive yet you do not hear from them again. 
What could your body be saying that your heart and mouth is not?
It is important to pay close attention to how we act and react in social settings. Not just in love and romance but also in work, friendships and your day to day life.
The way you hold and carry yourself can be very telling to how you feel and you may be sending off signals that you are not actually interested.
People can often misread subtle signs that you may or may not intend to be sending! 
These signs are also good to learn so you can determine if someone is truly interested in you as well! 
Here are a few things to begin to notice as you are in these social situations:
Folded Arms: When you fold your arms you could be sending off the signal that you have something to hide or that you are not comfortable in the given situation. Folded arms sends the message to the others around you that you are closed off, disinterested or even combative. Sometimes we fold our arms to protect ourselves or cradle ourselves if we are uneasy for a multitude of reasons and sometimes it is simply a habit or comfortable. If you are an arm folder take notice and try to correct this posture routine if you want to appear more open to others.

Fake smiling: When a person truly smiles the corners of their eyes crinkle up and you glow. It is easy to spot someone who is forcing a smile and perhaps if you are one to do this you do so because you truly do want to show interest but perhaps you are just not on your best that day. Maybe personal issues are weighing you down and you do not feel like smiling even though the person you are with does incite your interest. If you do not feel like smiling, don’t. Be genuine and do not force happiness that is not there. It does not take psychic ability for someone to be aware you are forcing that smile! This can cause them to pull back thinking you lack true interest and give them a poor opinion of you.
Raised Eyebrows: Eyebrows become raised when surprised however they are also a sign of physical attraction. This may be a hard thing to catch as it happens in a mere nano second. If you catch yourself raising your eyebrows or someone raising them when you approach you can consider them either surprised to see you, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, or they are attracted to you. Do not read too much into this until you asses the situation, perhaps if this is someone from college or high school they are simply surprised to see you after so many years however if you notice them doing this more than a couple times you could have an admirer! 
Preening: Notice if you or the other person are running their hand through their hair, stroking their neck, straightening their tie or skirt out. When someone is attracted they will try to give their best appearance and an instinct is to try to correct what they feel may be lacking. 

Nervous Behavior: Notice if the other person is doing things with objects around them such as if you are sitting at a dinner table on a date is your date playing with his or her silverware, their napkin etc?
If so they may be hiding something! When people fiddle it can be considered a nervous habit and that they are trying to deflect or distract themselves from the communication. They may have other things on their mind! This is a sign of disinterest or even a sign of a liar! Now give a fair chance to this person, after all we all have bad days and other things on our mind but if you are knee deep in a conversation about your relationship and this other person is fiddling - chances are they are not as into the relationship as you are! 
Touching: If you are talking to someone and they reach out and touch you they are interested! It could be a slight touch of your hand - just a brush, or a gentle and playful slap on the shoulder. Touch is a signal that they want to be closer to you physically. If you reach out to touch someone and they pull back that is a very good sign they are not that into you or have their walls up. Now we all have our bubble and need for personal space but you will be amazed how even the most guarded person can allow that bubble to burst away when they are truly interested! 

Dilated eyes: When we are attracted to someone our eyes dilate. This is an uncontrollable and natural occurrence. If you notice the person you are with having dilating eyes that is a sure sign of physical attraction. Now bear in mind we can be physically attracted to someone but that does not mean they want to be with us in a long term romance. Its just a sign until you get to know them. 
There are many physical ways in which you can spot someone who has an interest in you or an aversion to you. No one sign is enough to determine if you have a possible romance on your hands or not so take each of these with a grain of salt but do consider them collectively. 
With love


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love Potions - Herbs and Oils

Scent is the rawest and most intense sense we have. The sense of smell goes back to primitive times and is the one sense most directly related to memory. The right scent can bring up memories connected to thoughts, feelings and emotions and stir up energy between two people connecting them through time and distance. 

Women have always sprayed love letters with their perfumes, men in the service would immediately smell the letters they receive from home or their wives and lovers to get a memory or feeling of being closer to them. 

A wafting smell on a light breeze can pass by us and bring us to a memory of a time or place having nothing to do with where we are at that moment or what we are doing causing emotions of joy or sadness. 
The sense of smell is a powerful thing.
Love potions can be consumed or simply inhaled. 
What one should put in a love potion is varied and depends on the result desired.
This is by no means a complete list but here are a few of my favorites: 
Cedarwood oil has been used since the times of our ancients. It has a deep woodsy aroma that is grounding and earthy and connects to the base chakra. This aroma deepens sensual passion and desire. It is a sexual aphrodisiac. It also has sedative properties that calm and relax. It encourages open communication and an ease of nature between two people or those it reaches. Cedarwood is used in many bath and body products and can be purchased in an essential oil for making your own mixtures. 
Cardamon helps those who suffer from fear of being close to another. It helps stimulate a sense of self awareness and aids those who worry about losing their identity by connecting to another. Cardamon helps in potions designed to help another feel a sense of self and esteem.
Frankincense has been valued by man since the earliest of times both in biblical times and ancient Egypt. Cleopatra was said to have used this in her perfume. It is known to invoke a deep spiritual connection which can aid in bonding with another person. Frankincense connects us to feelings of peace and harmony and when used in love potions can create an awareness of the sexual senses which can be quite intense. 

Ginger stimulates deep passion and desire. It is not necessarily the kind of oil or herb one would use for a romance potion as much as a sexual stimulus potion.
It is best used when you want to create an atmosphere of hot steamy sex as opposed to love making.

Ginseng is known to increase male fertility and libido. Ginseng can aid in sexual pleasure due to it helping with creating a longer and more potent love making session.
Heather is used in magical spells and potions to increase beauty and attractiveness. Heather can also be used to guard against violent sexual acts. It can protect and bring about a more harmonious love between people who have had sexual problems or difficulties in bed.

Jasmine is known to be an herb, oil or aroma to increase fertility. It has a sweet smell that causes us to take pause and want to be still and enjoy its embrace. It can be overwhelming so use in small quantities. 
Jasmine is important to use when trying to mend a broken heart or to reunite lovers or for aid in conception.
Juniper has components that cause us to be enlightened to our higher consciousness. It is a clearing aroma that opens up our crown chakra allowing us to make right choices. This can be a great aid in allowing us to be open to feelings of love and greater, deeper emotional state of being. This essence can allow us to clear blockages that may hold us or others back from being open and honest with ourselves and others about our true emotions, intentions and direction.
Lavender is used in love potions when one wants a sedative effect to surround themselves and a loved one. Lavender creates and very relaxed and almost intoxicating feeling. Giving a lavender pillow to the one you love is said to increase their dreams of you.

Patchouli should be used if your loved one suffers from stress, especially related to work which may cause them to suffer from erection disfunction or lack of gusto for love making. Patchouli helps bring about relaxation for intimate moments. It is a deeply earthy scent that is grounding and calming. Many people do not like this aroma however - it can be a love it or hate it scent. 
Rose oil or buds can be used in your potions to bring about pure love and romantic passion. Rose is the most helpful ingredient in your mixture because of its all of the parts of the rose can be used from the leaves to the thorns depending on the desired outcome. Stems can be used to stimulate the root chakra and bring about balance in a confusing love relationship and to draw one closer to you or create a new connection. Petals can be used to create a true romantic connection of pure love. Leaves can be used to create balance and harmony in a relationship that is argumentative. Thorns can be used in darker magic, although I do not advise this, when a love triangle is at hand. 

The fruit of strawberry can be used to aid in good luck for finding love. It is also a very good aphrodisiac. It is used in spells to draw love to you or in sex magic.

Thyme can be used when you need that extra boost of courage to approach someone you would like to be involved with. This is used for potions for self more than to be used on or with others. Thyme can bring about a heightened sense of self, esteem and courage to go out and get what you want! 
Vanilla is another herb used in love pillows to be given to your hearts desire. It brings about deep passionate dreams of the one who gave the pillow. It also is an aphrodisiac. Most everyone loves the scent of vanilla and is offensive to none. Mixed with Lavender can create quite a sensual environment. Adorn your bed with love pillows for a deeply stimulated sexual experience. Use the hulls of the vanilla bean in love amulets and wear around the neck to stimulate the opposite sex to be drawn to you. 

Ylang Ylang:
Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac. It has euphoric qualities that intoxicate and stimulate the senses. It can be overwhelming and should be used in small quantities in your potion.  Ylang Ylang can be used in both love potions and sex potions and will enhance the other oils in your mixture!