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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Animals are capable of being highly intuitive although not all of them are. They are much like humans in the sense that some of them seem to be attuned to spiritual energy and some are not.

In Medieval times women who kept cats were believed to be witches using their cats for evil means and purposes. It was also believed that witches would shape shift in order to do their evil biddings.

Now a lot of people really do not like cats and while personally I can understand why some do not I happen to love my little furkids! I have three cats all with very distinct personalities. I do not want to fail to mention my three dogs however this post is about the kittehs!

First we have JubJub - he is the menace. He stalks us and another one of our cats, Tibet who you will meet in a moment. JubJub can be the most subdued in the mornings when laying in the sunlight and he DEMANDS the curtain and shade be opened at least enough for him to bask in the morning sun! However, do not let the puffy kind face fool you! He is simply waiting to reach out effortlessly and claw the hell out of you! He is so lazy he does not do this unless it is without any real effort and will wait for perfect timing, just as you are walking by with your guard down. He finds this fun and playful, I find it painful. On the plus side he is very well mannered (other than the clawing) and is not a demanding creature, he does not hassle anyone for treats, or beg for attention, and he CAN be loving when in the mood. JubJub is the youngest and almost did not survive, We rescued him as a skinny sickly cat and now he is the big fat grand master you see here:

He loves to watch the movie Garfield and literally sits watching it! He watches Garfield in all his antics and JubJub’s head follows his every move!

Then we have Tibet. She is a loud purring kitteh who’s whole belly rumbles as she lays on you. You can feel her healing vibrations and her warming energy. She is a sweet cat but likes to be petted roughly. She likes to be rubbed in a playful and at times rough housing manner and seems to really like to torment JubJub but will instantly play the victim once she gets him to attack! She will climb on you endlessly and since she is part Siamese her claws do not always retract and she unintentionally can dig her claws into you but her intent is NEVER to harm. She truly is a healing cat. When I am sick she will lay on me as if she knows I need the comfort allowing her vibrational energy to be absorbed by me. She truly does make me feel better! This is my son’s cat. I think that is why she likes to be treated roughly!

Then we have Vino - my lovely adorable guardian! Vino has been with me the longest. He had a brother named Ale who we lost many years ago. Vino is 12 years of age. He rarely leaves my side. He is highly attached and dependent on me. He also watches out for me. He is my dream catcher, my familiar, and my care taker. Just ask him! He knows he is my little man and he doesn’t let me forget it. He does whine often for treats and he has different “voices” for different needs he has. He has a distinct voice when he wants regular cat food due to his bowl being empty. He has an “I want outside” voice and he is the only cat who refuses to use the cat house we built. We made a cat house that they can enter from my office window that is enclosed with chicken wire and has many climbing apparatus for them. This is to keep them safe as a lot of cats in this neighbored including a couple of ours were killed. Vino refuses to use it and lets me know when he wants me to take him in the back yard for an exploration. He immediately comes to me the moment I lay down to sleep and waits until I am comfortable then climbs right next to me and curls in beside me. Vino is my cat.

All of these wonderful creates have very definitive personalities. They have their own voices and ways of telling us their moods. They even have facial expressions!

They can sense more sound and vibrational frequencies than any other mammal including humans! This is how and why they easily connect to the spirit world around us. They also can easily sense hormones and pheromones. Cats are such interesting creatures and even if you do not care for them you can’t deny they do have some mystique to them.

JubJub is not a familiar nor do I feel he cares much about the spirit world but he does perk up on occasion when I am doing medium work he does not really care to interact with me regarding it. Tibet is one who will sit near by when I am meditating and doing healing work and helps me with energy work. Vino is the one who is most in tune to spiritual energies regarding medium work and is considered my familiar. Interestingly enough all three cats do get involved when I am doing spell casting - especially JubJub who seems to be the least interested in any other spiritual work!

The main thing I have learned from my cats is that they are not mine, I am theirs.


Friday, July 30, 2010

You Waited For It and Finally Here It Is! Soul Mate Chat Session Transcript Now Available!

Since we could not get Chatroll to get us the transcript from the chat log last month and since I could not get it to load by copy and paste into the blogger site here my wonderful hubby has put it on his new site he is building and is hosting it for us! 

So for those of you who have been wanting to read over the Chat Transcript on the Soul Mate Free Chat Session - here it is! Click the link above or click HERE

For those of you who could not make it to the session, had to leave early or arrived late this is a MUST read! 

Everything you need to know about soul mates! 

Happy Reading! 


The Bridge

A friend shared this with me today on facebook - someone else had shared it with her - I can't help but post it here - I feel this message will resonate with many! 

The Bridge - Edwin Friedman, a Family Systems Therapist.

This story has a great message for anyone being held back by another...

"There was a man who had given much thought to what he wanted from life. He had experienced many moods and trials. He had experimented with different ways of living and he had had his share of success and failure. At last, he began to see clearly where he wanted to go.

Diligently, he proceeded to find the right opportunity. Sometimes he came close, only to be pushed away. Often he applied all his strength and imagination, only to find the path hopelessly blocked. And then at last it came. But the opportunity would not wait. It would be made available only for a short time. If it were seen that he were not committed, the opportunity would not come again.

Eager to arrive, he started on his journey. With each step, he wanted to move faster; with each thought about his goal, his heart beat quicker; with each vision of what lay ahead, he found renewed vigor. Strength that had left him since his early youth returned, and all kinds of dormant desires reawakened within him.

Hurrying along he came upon a bridge built high above a river in order to protect it from the floods of spring. He started across. Then he noticed someone coming from the opposite direction. As they drew closer, it seemed as thought the other were coming to greet him. He could see clearly, however, that he did not know this person who was dressed similarly except for something tied around his waist.

When they were within hailing distance, he could see that what the other had about his waist was a rope. It was wrapped around him several times, and probably, if extended, would reach a length of 30 feet.

Just as he was noticing this fact, the other began to uncurl the rope, and as they were coming close, the other said, “Pardon me, would you be so kind as to hold the end a moment?”
Surprised by this request, which was made so politely, he agreed without a thought, reached out, and took it.

“Thank you,” said the other, then added, “two hands now, and remember, hold tight.” At that point the other jumped off the bridge.

Within second the free-falling body hurtled the distance of the rope’s length and from the bridge he instantly felt the pull. Instinctively, he held tight. The weight almost dragged him off the bridge. He managed to brace himself against the edge, however, and after having caught his breath, looked down at the other dangling distantly, close to oblivion.

“What are you trying to do?” he yelled.
“Just hold tight,” said the other.

“This is ridiculous,” he thought, and began trying to haul the other in. He could not get the leverage however. It was as though the weight of the rope had been carefully calculated in advance so that together they created a counter weight just beyond his strength to bring the other back to safety.

“Why did you do this?: he called out.

“Remember,” said the other. “if you let go, I will be lost.”

“But I cannot pull you up,” he cried.

“I am your responsibility,” said the other.

“Well, I did not ask for it,” he said.

“If you let go, I am lost,” repeated the other.

He began to look around for help. But there was no one. How long would he have to wait? Why did this happen to befall him now? “Just as I was on the verge of true success.” He examined the side, searching for a place to tie the rope. Some protrusion, perhaps, or maybe a hole in the boards. But the railing was unusually uniform in shape; there were no spaces between the boards. There was no way to get rid of this new found burden, even temporarily.

“What do you want?” he asked the other hanging below.

“Just your help,” the other answered.

“How can I help? I cannot pull you in, and there is no place to tie the rope so I can go and find someone to help me help you.”

“I know that,” said the other. “Just hang on, that will be enough. Tie the rope around your waist; it will be easier.”

Fearing that his arms could not hold out much longer, he tied the rope around his waist.

“Why did you do this?” he repeated.

“Don’t you see what you have done? What possible purpose could you have had in mind?”

“Just remember,” said the other, “my life is in your hands.”

What should he do? “If I let go, all my life I will know that I let this other die. If I stay, I risk losing my momentum towards my own long sought after salvation. Either way this will haunt me forever.” With ironic humor he thought to die himself, instantly, to jump off the bridge while still holding on. “That would teach this fool.” But he wanted to live, and to live life fully.
“What a choice I have to make; how shall I ever decide?”

Some time went by, but still no one came. The critical moment of decision was drawing near. To show his commitment to his own goals, he would have to continue on his journey now. It was already almost too late to arrive in time. But what a terrible choice to have to make.

A new thought occurred to him. While he could not pull this other up by his own efforts alone, if the other would shorten the rope from his end by curling it around his waist again, together they could do it. Actually, the other could do it by himself, as long as he, standing on the bridge, kept it still and steady.

“Now listen,” he shouted down. “I think I know how to save you.” And he explained his plan.
But the other wasn’t interested.

“You mean you won’t help? But I told you I cannot pull you up myself, and I don’t think I can hang on much longer either.”

“You must try,” the other shouted back in tears. “If you fall, I die.”

The point of decision had arrived. What should he do? What an impossible decision to have to make. “My life or this other’s?” And then a new idea. A really new idea. So new, in fact, it almost bordered on revelation, so foreign was it to his traditional way of thinking.

“I want you to listen carefully,” he said “because I mean what I am about to say. I will not accept this position of choice for your life, only for my own; the position of choice for your life I give back to you.”

“What do you mean?” the other asked, afraid.

“I mean, simply, it’s up to you. You decide how this ends. I will become the counter-weight. You do the pulling and bring yourself up. I will even tug a little from here.” He began unwinding the rope from around his waist and braced himself anew against the side.

“You cannot mean what you say.” the other shrieked. “You would not be so selfish. I am your responsibility. What could be so important that you would let someone die? Do not do this to me.”

He waited a moment. There was no change in the tension of the rope.

“I accept your choice.” He said, at last, and freed his hands."


New Guided Meditation Coming Soon!

Stay Tuned over the weekend for a new guided meditation! 
This meditation will be for those of you in soul mate relationships where the energy is pulling on you making you feel nervous, anxious or draining you.
This meditation will help you get back to your own core energy so you can feel more in control, clear confusion and help balance the soul mate energy! 


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Client’s Personal Experience with Vision Boards

A client of mine recently sent me pictures of her AMAZING vision board! 

I was so thrilled to see another person’s board in action I asked her if she would do an interview with me about her board. To keep her identity private we have decided to call her AmazingNYDiva just for fun. : ) 
Here is our interview:

Azzrian: When did you decide to make a vision board? Was there a specific reason you decided to make one?

AmazingNYDiva: I've always been aware of vision boards but never really got to it. I'm not very good with glue and funky scissors, so I put it on the back burner for awhile. Recently I was speaking to you about manifestations and you brought up the subject of vision boards again. I was at a point where I needed to see something every day to remind me on what I want, what’s important to me and what it actually looks like. Life could get jaded and foggy and the vision board to me is a focus on something real that I could see with my own eyes

Azzrian: How long ago did you begin using a vision board?
AmazingNYDiva: The board was created recently.

Azzrian: What do you do with your vision board? Do you focus on it every day? Do you keep it in plain sight or do you hide it?
AmazingNYDiva: As I was building this collage I was set on leaving it under my bed and not showing it to anyone, thought of it as something private. But once I was done I was so amazed that I just left it up on my dresser. I just think it’s so beautiful and shouldn’t be covered up. I want to see it every day in plain sight.

Azzrian: Do you ever forgot about your vision board - not notice it - forget to focus on it etc?

AmazingNYDiva: Haven’t forgot about it yet, but I do think I may get those days where I won’t focus on it so much, just because I could become so unreliable =). It’s on the dresser so I get to see it every day at least.

Azzrian: Where did you find all the pictures used in your vision board?

AmazingNYDiva: The vision board is built with photos of people and things that I was just drawn to. Some were photos I had and some I just googgled the image and found what was on my mind. I knew what I wanted just needed to find it on a search engine, lol.

Azzrian: Was it hard to create one?

AmazingNYDiva: It wasn’t hard at all. It was the easiest thing I've ever done that was completely satisfying at the same time. Wish I would have done it sooner.

Azzrian: Does your vision board have a theme?
AmazingNYDiva: I'm into photography so my vision board is based on that concept. Every time I look at it, I see love. Every picture represents some type of love that I want or need in my life.

Azzrian:  Does the vision board help you remain focused on your dreams, goals and wishes?
AmazingNYDiva: Completely! Now that I have something that I can actually see instead of daydreaming of it all day, it makes it real and possible.

Azzrian: Does your board keep you on track in the sense you know what you want and will not settle for anything less - is it a reminder not to settle?
AmazingNYDiva : Definitely, focusing on the board makes you want nothing but what you’re actually seeing.
Azzrian: Do you change your board ever or do you always leave the same things on it?

AmazingNYDiva: I don’t think I will ever want to change it. Maybe add a few things here and there but never get rid of something. Once I get all of the things done that are on it now, I might just retire it and create a new one.

Azzrian: Is there anything about making a vision board you can tell others about to help them get started?
AmazingNYDiva : Make a vision board that represents you. I'm not the type of girl that brings out the glitter and glue on any occasion, I don’t decorate, but I do love photography. Anyone that really knows me knows that vision board was created by me and only me.

Azzrian: Is there anything you would have done different with your board?
AmazingNYDiva: Nope! I'm completely mesmerized with it, I think it’s beautiful
Azzrian: Why is this board special to you?
AmazingNYDiva : It’s special because it represents what my life is going to be, it shows me how wonderful it can be.

Azzrian: Have any of your friends or family seen your board?
AmazingNYDiva:  My family has seen the board. They were really surprised on the little details and I had to explain a few for them but overall they were amazed and really enjoyed it.

Azzrian: Do you think you will ever make another vision board? What would spur you to do so?
AmazingNYDiva : Once I achieved everything I want that’s on it now it will be time to create a new one. I think everyone evolves and should always be moving toward something new.
Azzrian: What does your vision board do for you spiritual and emotionally? 
AmazingNYDiva: The board brought hope back to a life that was lacking it. It gets me excited to now know how beautiful my life is going to be.

I want to thank "AmazingNYDiva" for doing this interview for us! Thank you also "Diva" for sharing your photos and vision board with us. It is so nice to see a vision board in action and what it can do to help us stay focused on our goals, dreams, desires and wishes! 

I encourage everyone to create a board of their own! I am not crafty either but having a vision board we can look at every day does keep us on track! When we take time to meditate and focus on it even better! 

If you have a personal experience you would like to share with us regarding vision boards or anything spiritual, empowering, uplifting or educational please let me know! 



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Most Romantic Love Notes

I thought it would be fun, as long as I can get people to participate, to see what the most romantic love note, or letter my readers ever received or had written. Now to make it more fun, it does not have to necessarily be “romantic” in the sense of sappy, gooey sweet, etc.
It can be fun, silly, sexy, whatever got your heart fluttering! 

Now even if this is from a past love, a school crush, someone you are not with etc, it does not matter. While we do not always win the heart of the one we want, it is still wonderful to know someone somewhere had those feelings, be it that they gave a note/letter to you or you wrote one for someone else.
I believe in the law of attraction and sometimes we simply get stuck in our rut, are not happy, not with the one we love, and we tend to focus so much on what we do not have. 
Instead of focusing on what we do not have, I thought it would be healthy and fun for us to focus on what we do have or had at some point and time. Sometimes in sharing what we have experienced in the positive it helps others to remember, love is possible, love does happen, it can happen to us all.
You do not have to post the entire letter or note. A short section of it is fine, or share it in full! Snippets that were especially cute, funny, sexy, sweet, etc are great! 
You can have given this to another person OR you could have received it from someone.
It can be a letter you have written but never sent. 
Tell us if you were the sender or receiver.
If you wish, you could give us an idea of what you felt when you wrote it, or sent it.
A timeframe - what was the timeframe that this happened, was it in high school? Was it yesterday? 
Simply submit your post below under “comments”.
And so all can participate: If you have never written or received a love note/letter feel free to make one up! Spread the love and write anything you would have liked to send someone! Think back to the crush you had in grade school - what would you have said if you could have back then? Consider the person you are deeply in love with now, what would you tell them if you felt you could say anything! 
Have FUN! Everyone who participates will be given half off a soul mate reading!!! 
(only one half off reading per person regardless of number of times you submit) 
I will start us off:
A long time ago when I was in my 20’s I received a love note from a boyfriend.
He had burned the edges of some really good quality paper so it looked like it had been on fire and put out. He simply wrote: “I’m burning for you”.
I thought it was silly romantic creative and fun! 


Saturday, July 24, 2010


You know that time as the sun is setting.
I was thinking wow what did I do with my day?
Work was at an all time slow, stand still almost. If not for chatting with a few regular clients via email I think I would have fallen asleep in my chair!
We had really nice rain showers today, which I personally love and the sky was that orange glowy color that I also simply love! It looks so mysterious and beautiful.
I thought about the day, what I could have done, should have done, had plenty of TIME to do and realized it was a day to be still.
I did do a few things!
I took a lovely 40 minute nap.
I looked at the clothes my daughter got while shopping for school clothing with her dad, a miracle in and of itself! (yes you do detect some animosity!)
I sipped on a wonderful healing mixture of herbal tea I made up.
Oh I just remembered I did forget to chew on my acai berry supplement (goes to grab that now).
Okay back - dogs think I have treats for them haha.
I got up in time to make breakfast for the family which does not happen daily.
Why do we feel we need to DO so much?
Now aside from the obvious, we DO need to work to eat, pay bills and live etc. when work is slow or life seems a bit dull and there is just "nothing to do" stop and ask yourself what DID you do?
Did you take some time for quiet contemplation?
Did you enjoy a short cat nap?
Did you cuddle with your pets?
Did you read even one thing online you didn't know about before?
Or did you sit there angry at yourself for not doing anything? Did you have so little to focus on that all your insecurities and animosities crept up on you? Did fear begin to set in and worry seemed all there was for you that day?
We are such a busy society, such a noisy one, that at times we forget it is the smallest most basic things that really can and do bring happiness when we allow them to.
Today I did nothing, then I did a lot, and now I am reflecting on the good in my life.
Tomatos, herb plants, pets, family, friends, my clients,  a really good acai berry chew that does not even seem like a healthy vitamin supplement, an orange sky after gentle rain showers, a fan softly humming and blowing on my face as I cheat time with a short nap. What more can one ask for?
Well of course a lot but is it really necessary in the big picture?
I think not.
Here are some pictures taken only minutes ago as I was outside diddling around.

My Basil Plants


Melissa Leaf


Hubby Fighting Huge Killer Tomato Plant! 

My Shadow Vino - He can't be with out me! 

The back of my house - it looks like a glowing pumpkin! 

Some of the Maters we picked! YUMMY!

Thanks for letting me share a snapshot of my day with you! 


Friday, July 23, 2010

Leo Career Path

Artist Josephine Wall
A Leo is a social wonder, magnanimous and attracts others to them so easily! 
They are great thinkers and speakers. 
They are great at hiding truths when needed and know how to keep a secret! 
They are loyal and friendly.
Leo does better when working for himself or herself though. They do not take well to authority and they usually think they can do a better job than their superiors and usually they are right about that! 
They do not mind hard work but become bored easily.
They need to LOVE what they do or they can tend to fleet from one experience to another.
Leo needs a career path where their social skills, their people skills and their personality can shine! 
Leo’s are one of those signs that can actually be great at just about anything they put their heart into. This leaves a wide open window for career choices! 
This is not a complete list but may help you determine your best path:
Advertising Agent 
Amusement Park 
Animal Trainer
Bar owner / manager
Caption Writers
Desktop Publisher
Disk Jockey
Equipment Repair
Equipment Operator (heavy equipment)
Event Coordinator / Planner 
Financial Planner
Gaming Manager
Graphic Artist
Graphic Designer
Heating and Air Conditioning
Highway Patrol Person
Hospitality Manger 
Hotel Management
Insurance Adjustor
Investigative Reporter 
Landscape Designer
Legal Field 
Movie Producer, Filming, etc
Park Ranger 
Personal Trainer
Police Officer
Private Investigator
Public Relations
Restaurant Management
Radio Personality
Real Estate
Recreation and Fitness Advisor
Resort Management 
Set Design
Talent Management
Talk Show Host
Tax Preparer 
Technical Writer
Television Anchor, Report, Weatherman
Training Manager
Tour Guide