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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Update July 1, 2010 - Well I heard back and here is what they said:

"Thanks for contacting Groupon!
Since we only feature one business a day, our schedule is carefully constructed to highlight a variety of business types, locations, sizes, and price-points. At this time, we don't see an opportunity to feature your business.
We have your information on file, and if it's OK with you, we'll be in touch if an opportunity arises in the future."

I think it was very nice of them to reply so quickly and I appreciate it a lot. It doesn't look like I will be having any special offers on there at this time but was worth a shot! 

Also for some reason comments are not showing up today - I have had this issue before with Blogger and usually the problem fixes in a day or two.


Posted June 30th, 2010
So I am going to try joining this site called Groupon.com
Looks interesting and people are really buzzing about it!
I may even decide to run a special for my own site on there as well.
I am curious if any of you have used this site, heard of it, have experiences you would like to share etc.
A friend of mine, Niloo told me about it (thanks Niloo) and I finally got around to checking it out.
I really have to say its taking the Internet by storm and is the next big thing in social marketing if not already the big thing lol.
I have send in an inquiry to see if they would allow little ol me to run a special on there myself so I am dying to hear back!
If anyone reading this has used them as a consumer or an advertiser send me an email at azzrian@cox.net or even post a comment here to share with everyone!
If you want to check groupon out please use my referrer link - LOL - I don't know what I get for referring anyone BUT may as well click here to check it out and if you do decide to join I can let you know what I got from it! 


Smudge Sticks

What are they? Why would you use one? How are they made? Whats in them?

Well ... Smudge Sticks are bundled herbs. Usually sage, lavender, rosemary, thyme or any “woody” herb. The bundles can also be infused with essential oils and sometimes resins are used in them as well.

They are used for ritual work, cleansing of negative energy from the home, to invoke spirit and meditation. They can also be burned simply as an incense. Smudging is a ritual from Native American tradition. The idea behind smudging is that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and carries it away, cleansing it at the same time so the negativity does not end up somewhere else.

Smudging can be used when you have felt ill, depressed, down, confused, unable to focus, have had unwanted guests, or just not yourself. I also use it with grounding meditations for balance and clarity.

You can purchase smudge sticks online or you can make your own! I prefer to make my own as not only do I grow my own herbs but I know then that all the energy within the smudge stick is pure and of positive energy.

To make a smudge stick gather the herbs you wish to use. Lay them out to dry. Once dried it will take some practice to get them laid out correctly to tie them into the bundle. You do not want too thin of a bundle as then it will burn too fast, although “woody” herbs do burn slower you will want a fairly thick bundle. Once you have them laid out properly tie them with a thin string, I have used kite string, thin twine, and sewing thread.

Once you have the bundle tied you light the tip and blow it out so that the stick will smolder and smoke but not continue to burn, just like a stick of incense.

To do a simple cleansing on your home to rid it of negative energy light the stick with a wooden match, wood matches are always preferred in ritual work over a lighter. Using as natural of materials as possible is key. Once lit walk about the parameter of the home paying close attention to corners, doors, windows, mirrored walls, and closets. Walk in as circular of a pattern as possible, fanning the smoke as you go. Before you begin this process it is best to have a clear intent for your work. Making a short prayer or statement as to why you are doing the smudging and what your intended purpose for it is will do.

Smudging can also be used in healing work by fanning the smoke over a person to pull out toxins and negative energies and replacing them with the healing abilities of the herbs. You can fan the smoke over the whole body, certain points of the body that need special attention or by fanning over each chakra point.

Smudge sticks can also be used to clean ritual tools such as crystals. Simply fan the smoke over the items and give thanks to both the item being smudged as well as the smudge stick for their help.

When putting your smudge stick out it is best to have a fireproof receptacle such as a shell, ceramic dish, etc. You can use sand, dirt or even the receptacle itself to tamp out the smudge stick. Just be sure it is extinguished before leaving it unwatched. Usually a smudge stick will go out on its own once you stop fanning it however it is always best to be safe making sure it is really out.

See below to order smudge sticks online or information about using smudge sticks and their history.

For another great article on smudging please see Ms. Yvonne's blog on the same topic here:

Why and How to Smudge



Monday, June 28, 2010

Waning Moon Rituals

When the moon is waning (getting smaller) we cast spells to diminish. Now is the time for putting old habits to rest, ending relationships that are unhealthy, stopping addictive behavior, and anything you wish to stop or put an end to. 

Over the next few nights I will be offering spell casting on diminishing spell work.

These are one night casting services not to be confused with my regular 10 night casting process.

Spells of this nature are for a boost, a leg up, help and assistance. They are not as powerful as a ten night casting session but they will help you gain an advantage and get you off to a good start. 

From there you have to use your own will power to see things through to completion. 

A one night casting will provide a window of opportunity, give you a boost of confidence, help you step back from someone who normally you would not have the guts to, or can cause others to take pause before creating conflict in your life.

Please feel free to email me about what you would like me to cast for and I can tell you if it is workable with the waning moon.
My email is azzrian@cox.net

Fee for one night casting is 20.00 per situation. 


New Guided Meditation Uploaded!

Some of my clients were asking about grounding exercises so I have uploaded a new meditation for Grounding to my playlist! 
See above this post - there are two music players. The one on the bottom has my guided meditations on it. 
Hope it helps! 


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Your Magical Wand

It is funny and interesting how some things I learned when I was young were so easily forgotten on the conscious level yet are still tucked away in there inside of me on the subconscious level. My great great grandmother taught me well, even if over time I tend to forget what I had learned! 

Not too long ago a good friend of mine and fellow wiccan asked me if I had a wand. Sweetheart that she is was thinking of what kind of gift she could get me. Anyway I had said to her “My wand is just really basic, wood from a tree.” or something like that. 
So while I was going through my book of shadows the other day there it was in black and white - all about wands! As I read over it I was amazing to see that my basic little witches wand was exactly what it was supposed to be! Here I was thinking of some wands I had seen before in shops - all decorated with gems, made from glass or metals, very elaborate and impressive to say the least - also very expensive! While my wand may not have a lot of the fancy glistening things adorning it these wands have what my wand has is even more valuable! My own imprint on it and a gift from nature! 
So if you are a witch, studying to be one or just want to have a little magical influence around you consider the following when looking for your wand.

Your magical wand should be a gift from the earth. It should be wood and from a tree. Never should you cut a limb or take from the tree yourself. Find the tree you would like to be gifted your wand from, look beneath it for a fallen limb, even if it is large you can always cut it down to the right size. Sometimes you may have to stalk the tree for its gift to you but just be patient. The right gift will be given. Once you find the limb you want to make your wand from take it and give thanks to the tree. Good trees for witches wands are: Ash, Hazel, Rowan, Oak and Willow but any wood will do.
Then you can begin to create your own magical wand! 
You may need to cut the wand to the right length and the length it should be is really up to you! mine is about one foot long. You may then sand your wand using a course sandpaper then a finer one until your wand is perfectly smooth. 
Once your wand is the shape, size and feel you wish it to be you can cover it in a mix of essential oils or beeswax. 

You may also decorate your wand if you want. Some ways you can decorate it include but are not limited to: Glitter, gem stones, string, beads, bells, feathers, herbs, leather, crystals, carving, copper. 
Once your wand is complete be sure you consecrate it! To consecrate your wand you will want to light some incense. Myrrh, patchouli and sandalwood are good choices.
Light a white candle. Have a bowl of both water and salt with you. Cover the wand with salt. Place your hand over the bowl. Visualize a white light leaving the palm of your hand and passing through the bowl taking from you and your wand all negativity. Then say: I dedicate this wand to serve only positive influences with salt and smoke I consecrate this wand. Let it serve me well. So mote it be. 
Remove the salt from the wand by shaking it off and pass it through the incense smoke. 
Sprinkle it with the water and pass through the flame of your candle. Your wand is now consecrated. Bear in mind this is a very basic consecration but is more than adequate for the consecration of any magical item! 
Then enjoy your wand! 

I am humbled that with all I think I know on the conscious level I still have so much to learn and or remember. As a practicing witch one would think I should know that a wand gifted to me from our mother earth is the most precious wand I could possess. But, like anyone in this society I am stimulated by things that are fancy and shiny! I have to thank my great great grandmother once again for shaking me up and waking me up to what I was taught and what lies in my subconscious! Also a thanks to my friend - who started the butterfly effect to lead me to this renewed awareness! 


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rosemary and its Magical Uses

I grow rosemary every year, I can not do without it! Not only a wonderful herb for cooking and seasoning but a true Witches dream! 

Rosemary can be used in spells for love, protection, healing and to improve the mind. 

It can help you increase your memory function and is great to have the aroma of rosemary around you when studying or trying to learn something new! 
You can give someone a rosemary plant or a sachet to help them think of you.
You can burn rosemary in ritual work to help protect someone you love.
Great to use before travel as well! 
Putting a sachet of rosemary - especially when combined with lavender will guarantee you a restful nights sleep! 
If you make incense with Rosemary you can help increase your psychic abilities! 
Rosemary is good for cleansing and rinsing away negative energy.
Rosemary is also known to increase fertility.
My favorite use for Rosemary however is in spell work to release our inner child! 

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Full Moon Casting Tonight!

Hey everyone, I will be doing full moon spell work tonight if you have anything you would like to have done email me what it is you would like.

I am asking for 20.00 payments to cover materials and my time. 
I do not often offer full moon spells as normally my spell work is done over a 10 night period but I am full of casting energy right now and ready to do some work! 
Email me at azzrian@cox.net if you want some spell work done for you tonight! 


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Radiant Children

You may have heard of Indigo and Crystal children. 
Indigo children have been incarnating on Earth for around the last 100 or so years while Crystal children began to appear only since around the year 2000 or so.  
Indigos purpose is to take places as leaders in the world whereas Crystal children are highly attuned and powerful souls who worked more as a collective force for good on this earth.
Sometimes an Indigo will transform into a Crystal through a process of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 
Unfortunately Indigos and Crystals arrived on this planet around a time where labels where being tossed around like beach balls at a rock concert. These labels were also largely created to explain the uncommon behaviors displayed by these very gifted children! We all know our society seeks to understand WHY people are the way they are and labels were created to explain the behaviors. Some of the labels assigned to these special children were ADHD and ADD. Often times these children were heavily medicated and lost their connection to their spiritual gifts. 
I urge all of you to research about Crystal and Indigo children further if you feel you are or know someone with these gifts! This topic has been covered well and there are multitudes of articles all over the web about them as well as a number of good books on the topic, however today I am writing about a new breed of children entering our world! This would be the next step on our evolutionary phase. 
Radiant Children:

 Most of these children are around 6 to 10 years of age and some may yet to be born.

What Radiant children have that the former crystal and indigo children do not is an acute awareness of how to utilize their gifts and rise about common misconceptions about who and what they are. Although still young in years these children will rise above their predecessors challenges of being labeled, forced to conform, and chastised for their unique gifts. They are more focused on how and when to use their gifts and who they can trust to exhibit them to or around. They are more cautious and much more curious about how to use their abilities. They are highly aware from a very young age just how different they are and they keep themselves a secret from their friends and at times even their family. They are highly intelligent and intuitive and will often times stop their parents in their tracks with their very accurate and astounding statements about the world, how it functions, people, their motivations etc. They make statements that no average child their age should know. They are inquisitive and seem to have a clear visions of what they want to be when they grow up beyond what an average child their age would normally consider. They do not want to be a super hero, but rather an alchemist. They do not want to be school teachers but rather they want to be researchers. They do not want to be an astronaut but rather they want to be an astrophysicist. 
These children are not geniuses or any more educated than other children. Most of these children have barely started Kindergarten. They are just on a much higher level of awareness. Perhaps they have picked more “big words” up from the Internet, television, etc and are more in-tune with what options are out there for them in the world but their comprehension of what these big words mean is far beyond their “years” in earth years.
They notice things other children do not, most of the time things adults do not. They will hear things and pick up on tones that we can not. They usually do not make grand statements about how they see, feel or hear things we do not asking if we see, hear or sense it to, rather, they just discuss it as if we should have also seen, felt or heard it. They are very matter of fact and do not seem to care if we are not at “their level” they are not as worried or fearful of their abilities. Generally they do not get on so well with other kids their age but they are not mischief makers or problem starters and they do not get picked on as much as they really just have little interest in children their own age. 
This can cause parents worry and concern. We all want out children to make friends and feel like they belong within our society but these children do not have a care in the world for the affairs of children. They are much more involved in the affairs of the adults in their lives. For this reason parents of these Radiant Children need to be aware of what they say, do, and how they act because even when the adults are not with full understanding of why they feel the things they feel, do the things they do or say the things they say - their children are! Actions always speak louder than words and the adults in the lives of these Radiant Children need to be on their toes or they may begin to feel their own children are calling them out when not using proper behaviors! 
Radiant Children are very forgiving and non-judgmental but still it can be an eye-opener when your own child seems to have a better understanding of you than you do yourself! 
Radiant Children see the bigger picture, look at the world from a cosmic one-ness and have a purity about them but not an innocence. They are well aware of the evils of this world and will conquer them one by one. They do not just say they want to but are making plans on when, where, how and why. They are in fact our world’s new “super-heros” and are coming into this world at light speed. 
They are the doers not just the thinkers, not just the feelers, not just the seers, but all of these things combined that will find a new path for our society, our world and our collective consciousness.
With all the talk about December 21st, 2012 (my daughter’s birthday by the way), these children are here among us now to assist us on a journey not toward doom and gloom but enlightenment and another way of existence! Yes they may “only” be children in our eyes, but these “children” are very old souls, direct descendants of our ancestors, once ascended to a higher plane of existence - recalled to this earth to guide us.
Recommended Reading;

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

To all the Dad's in the USA and all Dad's everywhere ... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! 

Love Azzrian


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cancer Career Path

Cancer: June 21 - July 23
The sign of Cancer, known as the crab, is a dutiful and diligent worker. They tend to do well in jobs that offer stability and security. They prefer the known path to the unknown and are not often lured in by get rich quick schemes. They have a lot of ideas which can make them wonderful inventors but that would be something they would choose as a sideline while focusing on a more secure career path. They are good employees who tend to stick with a job for a very long time. They are loyal and always strive to do their very best.
Cancer is not a risk taker therefore they tend to shy away from careers in sales or where the income is unstable! 
Cancer is a nurturing and sensitive sign that does well in areas of care-taking and where they can use their nurturing gifts however they are also money minded and good with details and numbers! Cancer are also creative types and some cancer signs do well in the arts as long as it is a stable source of income! 
Here are some career paths perfect for most Cancer signs:
Art Gallery Employee
Bank Teller
Counseling / Social Work
Day Care Owner, Operator or Employee
Financial Planner
Government Agencies both local, federal and state
Human Resources
Humanitarian, Environmental or Animal Rights Activisim
Judicial Employee
Line / Production Worker
Massage Therapist
Nursing Politics
Physical Therapists
Police Officer
Private Investigator
Reiki Energy Healer
Retirement Centers
Road Worker, Construction, Development
Spiritual Leader
Union Organizer
For more insight try this book:
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Uploaded! White Light Meditation on MP3 by Azzrian

Hey everyone! I am so excited! I uploaded my white light meditation as an MP3 audio track for you all to listen to as you do the meditation. Its called a Guided Meditation - I walk you through it so all you have to do is listen and relax. 
There are two play lists on this page - the music one and then below that the Guided Meditation one.


Note: There are some problems with listening to the music on some browsers primarily Internet Explorer. We are working on this issue now.


Azzrian Visions Opens her Portal to Clients

(Free-Press-Release.com) June 17, 2010 -- 

Since working only on liveperson.com since 2005 Azzrian Visions has now opened her services to private clients. 
Azzrian runs a successful blog at www.azzrianvisions.blogspot.com where she provides insight and education for her readers and clients in all things spiritual. 
Life coaching, past life regression and soul mate readings are Azzrian Visions specialities but she also focuses largely on love relationship and career readings. 

Azzrian's background in spiritual studies goes back to her youth when she was mentored by her great great grandmother. A direct Swedish woman who taught Azzrian about her gifts and opened her up to embracing them. 
Later Azzrian Visions attended The School of Metaphysics 
in Topeka, Kansas and later some learning though the Menninger Foundation's Bio-Feedback Program. Azzrian is a non-demonational ordained minister and a life coach. She is very much into herbal medicine and currently she is studying aromatherapy. 

While Azzrian does still work via the liveperson platform - www.liveperson.com/azzrian-visions she is happy to be taking on new clients through her blog. 

"Readings through my blog are more affordable as there is no middle man that I pay fees to for site usage and I am able to retain every dollar I make. I pass this savings onto my clients by cutting my fees nearly in half for all services obtained through my personal site." 

Azzrian has been blogging since June 21st 2009 and has grown her blog quickly. 

"I love blogging as I feel I can reach people who would not otherwise be able to afford a psychic reading or who are curious but not sure if a reading is right for them." 

Azzrian has a wealth of information on her site available to her clients and readers from astrology and sun sign information, soul mate frequently asked questions, free will versus destiny, dating hints and tips, what men really want, mistakes men and women make, soul mate contracts, how to tell if you are an emapth, and so much more. Anything you can imagine is there and if it is not you can even request Azzrian write an article on the topic of your choice! 

Frequently she runs specials and contests and holds free chat
 events for her followers. 

"Our free chat events are a blast! I have so many returning clients and readers of my blog who 
make it fun and always have great questions for me!" 

You can tell Azzrian is happy to be embarking on this new venture by opening her Psychic Portal
 to clients because she has been writing more articles now since doing so. 

"Its like starting a new path, a breath of fresh life for me. I feel as though I have been stuck in small room for five years and have finally been let out! But thats another life lesson for me, I was the only one who could set myself free! I hope to help my clients learn from my own experience - look for a blog article on this soon!" 

Azzrian has a big special on her reading fees coming up June 21st which will run for a whole month! This is in honor of her first year of blogging and also in honor of opening her doors to private clients. 

"Its going to be pretty amazing! I look forward to it and I hope that it brings a lot of people who have been on the ledge about looking into the spiritual realm my way. I really want to expand my client base of course but more so I really want to help people." 

Azzrian is not telling much about this special savings for her clients but she did say that nothing will be more than half the regular fees! Some types of services will be even lower than half off. 

To learn more about azzrian she has provided the following links: 

Blog: www.azzrianvisions.blogspot.com 
Liveperson: www.liveperson.com/azzrian-visions 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Azzrian.Visions 
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AzzrianVisions 
Chatroll: http://chatroll.com/profile/Azzrian 
MyBlogLog: http://www.mybloglog.com/buzz/members/azzrianvisions/ 
AllVoices: http://www.allvoices.com/users/AzzrianVisions 
SelfGrowth: http://www.selfgrowth.com/experts/azzrian.html

If you are interested in soul mates and like to chat with others then be sure to check out her upcoming event Free Chat Session All About Soul Mates here: 


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Last Word

Do you like to have the last word when in a debate, argument or confrontation?
Are you able to just let it go and let the other person get the final word off their chest, have their say and be done with it? 
Some people feel a need to have that “last word” while others can simply walk away and shrug it off. Even if they are not simply shrugging it off, some people tend to not need to put their final two cents in.
Does it matter who has the last word?
Does it make a difference?
It certainly does! 
You may be thinking that having the last word gives you more power, more control or that you “win” the argument if you get to have the final say.
You could not be more wrong! 
Having the last word surely may make a person FEEL better but it does not give them more power, more control nor does it mean they “win” the argument! 
What it does do however is leaves them wanting more!
Usually - and you can sit back and think about this from your own personal experience - when someone wants the “last” word it really is not the last word they are looking for! What they are in fact looking for is for you to come back and argue with them some more! They are hoping to continue the argument! They want to still have you in their life! They feel if they get that final say it will  put more out there for you to dissect, consider, deliberate over, get angry about, regret etc and so on. Whatever their personal motivating factor in any given argument may be the last word is rarely the last word for the person getting to say it. 
How often have you had the last word only to feel confused when the other person totally became silent? Did it make you feel any better? Did you not wonder what they were thinking of your last words? Did you sit there for a day or more thinking “Oh they will be writing me an email, or calling me back soon!” Did it consume you even a little bit that you had your final say but really honestly wanted more? 
Okay think of the times you have NOT had the last word and you are the one who fell silent! How did that make you feel?
See the key in all of this is that NOT having the last word actually gives you more empowerment and in turn control and power! By not saying anything else you close the books. You are sending a clear and direct messages that there is nothing left to go over, nothing more to discuss, that their opinion differs from your own but that is okay you can agree to disagree and most of the time that you really do not care that much anyway. Usually NOT wanting to have the last word but just end the disagreement shows that you honestly do not even care that much OF the other persons opinion! They do not control you, can not take away your power, can not change your mind, influence your direction or decisions and that you are strong in your stand point and know exactly how you think and feel and will not open the door back up for childish bickering or allowing for anyone to put you down or disempower you. Now how do you think that makes the other person feel? Ahhhh see? Exactly how you feel when you DID get the last word only to be ignored! See who really has the control and power? The person who stops the fighting and simply walks away! 
Now trust me I am far from a passive person but their are subtle nuisances to being empowered and it is not who yells the loudest wins! 
When you allow the other person to have that final say you will usually find they are the ones who can not let it go! They will eventually pipe back up with another call or email trying to yet again bait you back into the argument! This is because they are the ones who honestly can not let it go. It is eating away at them that you did not write or call back with more arguments. They are defeated because what they wanted all along was not even so much the argument with you but the contact, even negative attention is attention! Some people would rather have negative attention than none at all! 
If arguing is the only way for them to get your attention then they will egg you on and continue to poke at you until you come back lashing out at them once again so just choose NOT to do it! 
So what should you do you do? Even after you have let them have the final say and you do not reply back yet they now are again banging at your door (email or calls or texts or even literally your door!?) You ignore them, close the door, block your emails and texts and get a restraining order if needed.!  If and when this is not possible because you live with this person, are married to them or work with them etc, you then must set firm boundaries tell him this discussion is over, will not be revisited again and that you are finished exploring any and all other options. You go your way they can go theirs on this topic even if it causes difficulty in other areas you can work on the clean up as you go along. You simply can not continue to debate the same old grounds over and over again as it is utterly pointless when you get to this point.
We spend far too much of our lives fighting battles that are necessary, surly we have to be intelligent and empowered enough to walk away from the battles that will never be over. Its not about winning or losing, its about having dignity and self respect and self preservation. Its about using our intelligence and our wits taking the higher road and if it makes you feel any better at all know this ... the person who falls silent and stops the chaos gets so far under the other persons skin by what they do NOT say that you will end up feeling the “winner” anyway! 

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