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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who Choice Is It Anyway?

Thank you to K for being my muse! 

My guides more often than not refuse to tell me things they do not feel you should know. Telling someone the path to take is taking away from one's free will AND stealing their life path obligations and soul contract. You may be MEANT to make a "mistake" in order to reach your TRUE destiny and far be it from me to take something so precious from you. If we look at the "mistakes" we have made in our lives more often than not something good came from them sometimes we do not even know what exactly that good thing was! 
There ARE NO SUCH things as mistakes or right or wrong choices! Every choice we make leads us to our destiny and it is only when we do not make our own choices that we fail to reach that destiny because we failed to walk our own path! 
Always make your own choices! 
I can give my OPINION based on my life experience and what I would do. 
I know that my path of MANY so called "mistakes" has enriched my life and aided me in being the advisor I am. Had I not made so many I would never be able to relate to half my clients! 
Had I not walked so many paths in this life I would be far from one to BE an advisor - I find those advisors who do tell you what path to take are often either judgmental or in it for the money! 
Its easy to tell someone what to do if you do not have to face the music of those choices! 
: ) 


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