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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tie a Knot - What Tests Your Faith?

What Tests Your Faith?
We all are tested - even those of us who are considered to be more enlightened. 
Even your top spiritual advisors, your clergy, everyone.
Anyone who will say their faith is not tested now and then are simply in denial, hiding from the truth or liars.
We all have those moments in our lives where we feel all is lost, nothing can be fixed or healed, and we are at the end of our rope.
What tests your faith and how do you overcome it?
Sometimes talking to your advisor can help, other times you simply are too far into your own despair that no one can help you. Sometimes talking to a friend can soothe us but other times our friends have their own problems and we do not want to bother them or they can even tire of our issues. Sometimes we do not trust in others or do not feel they can empathize with our problems. Sometimes we do not even want to talk about what we are going through and actually need to wallow in our disappointments, angers, pains and frustrations.
Our world is in upheaval - we see more and more environmental problems, hunger, destruction, unemployment, health issues, you name it. How does one find their faith in all of this?
As a person who truly does believe everything happens for a reason even I get to a point where I want to throw up my hands. 
It takes a lot of strength sometimes to get through a day be it due to relationship problems, health concerns, lack of stable income, losing personal property or investments, etc.
What causes you to get to the end of your rope and what helps you tie that proverbial knot and hang on?
For me one thing is knowing I am not alone.
Another is looking outside my own little world and realizing that there are others far worse off than myself.
The hard part is when my problems are not really my own but the problems of those I love.
I find I can handle almost anything this world can toss at me personally but when it is a friend, a child a family member even a client, and I know this is their path to take and not my own - that is when I find I hit my ropes end. 
As a spiritual advisor it is my job to give advice and assistance however as a psychic reader it is my job to give predictions which can only be based on a person’s current path - then possible outcomes if a new direction is taken. This advice is not always heeded - its even worse with my own family and children.
Sometimes a person, a loved one or even ourselves need to take that harder path. 
My philosophy has recently changed to taking the path of least resistance however in my younger years I certainly was one to fight the battle! 
We all go through different phases at different times. Sometimes we need to be immersed in the fight and other times we need to step back and wave a white flag. 
This is not for anyone to judge! 
Your path is yours and yours alone and we can only hope to have one or two people beside us to support us come what may, regardless of “right” or “wrong” decisions! 
I do not believe in wrong decisions - even if I can see the outcome not being what one desires it is in those battles we find our inner strength and learn exactly who it is we are and what we are made of. Yes we will take some very hard knocks and feel the pain but we will develop character. 
There have been a lot of changes in my life lately. My daughter who most of you know has medical conditions that prevent her from having what most of us consider a “normal” life has come back home for schooling, at least for a while. I will spare you all the details of my go around with the school, finding her proper medical care, etc but I will tell you my faith has been tested. Not my faith in a higher power, not my faith in my belief system, or even myself, and certainly not my faith in my daughter. However, my faith in people who simply do not understand, do not educate, but yet seem to think they know it all has in fact lessened my faith in my fellow man. That was when my “end of the rope” came. 
To over come this feeling that people simply do not “get it” I had to find people like myself, people going through the same things I was, or at least close to it. It helps to at least be a background viewer be it in a forum, a message board, an online community, a group that meets monthly, weekly etc in person. Knowing you are not alone, are not the only one and that there are in fact people who DO “get it” helps more than I can say. 
Sometimes we have a tendency to completely withdraw when we are in the midst of a personal struggle. We feel lost and alone and that no one could be in our shoes. There is nothing further from the truth. Reach out, find others like you, talk to them or even just listen or read their experiences. You will find that faith in your fellow man again and perhaps even the light at the end of the tunnel. 
The worse thing one can do is go it alone. We are alone enough in this huge world of ours and I encourage all of you no matter what it is you are going through to reach out, talk to others who are going through or who have been through the things you are. Never stop trying, never stop fighting, even if you are like me and taking the path of least resistance at this time, at least take time to realize things could be worse, you are not alone, and things DO get better! 
You never know the connections you may make, the healing that can take place, and even how there are some people in this world who can reach out across continents to assist you just because they care. 
As the old saying goes, tie a knot and hang on! 



  1. You are definitely not alone, dear Azz! ((hugs))Although I haven't spoken with you lately, I do think of you often, and send good energy. Remember that one reading you did for me when you told me to allow family to walk their path? Like you said here, it is not an easy thing to do, yet it Is our path..

    You have helped many, you have helped me. Thank you. I can only hope that these words put a smile on your face.:) And while I haven't gotten a reading from you lately, I do remember your words and often think of them. I am now finally experiencing new ways of being. Like you, I am going more with the flow. That's a great thing.:)

    Be well!



  2. Thanks love - you are right - it is one of those times! : )
    Thank you also for sending me this message - have missed you but happy you are sailing along your own course!


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