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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love Potions - Herbs and Oils

Scent is the rawest and most intense sense we have. The sense of smell goes back to primitive times and is the one sense most directly related to memory. The right scent can bring up memories connected to thoughts, feelings and emotions and stir up energy between two people connecting them through time and distance. 

Women have always sprayed love letters with their perfumes, men in the service would immediately smell the letters they receive from home or their wives and lovers to get a memory or feeling of being closer to them. 

A wafting smell on a light breeze can pass by us and bring us to a memory of a time or place having nothing to do with where we are at that moment or what we are doing causing emotions of joy or sadness. 
The sense of smell is a powerful thing.
Love potions can be consumed or simply inhaled. 
What one should put in a love potion is varied and depends on the result desired.
This is by no means a complete list but here are a few of my favorites: 
Cedarwood oil has been used since the times of our ancients. It has a deep woodsy aroma that is grounding and earthy and connects to the base chakra. This aroma deepens sensual passion and desire. It is a sexual aphrodisiac. It also has sedative properties that calm and relax. It encourages open communication and an ease of nature between two people or those it reaches. Cedarwood is used in many bath and body products and can be purchased in an essential oil for making your own mixtures. 
Cardamon helps those who suffer from fear of being close to another. It helps stimulate a sense of self awareness and aids those who worry about losing their identity by connecting to another. Cardamon helps in potions designed to help another feel a sense of self and esteem.
Frankincense has been valued by man since the earliest of times both in biblical times and ancient Egypt. Cleopatra was said to have used this in her perfume. It is known to invoke a deep spiritual connection which can aid in bonding with another person. Frankincense connects us to feelings of peace and harmony and when used in love potions can create an awareness of the sexual senses which can be quite intense. 

Ginger stimulates deep passion and desire. It is not necessarily the kind of oil or herb one would use for a romance potion as much as a sexual stimulus potion.
It is best used when you want to create an atmosphere of hot steamy sex as opposed to love making.

Ginseng is known to increase male fertility and libido. Ginseng can aid in sexual pleasure due to it helping with creating a longer and more potent love making session.
Heather is used in magical spells and potions to increase beauty and attractiveness. Heather can also be used to guard against violent sexual acts. It can protect and bring about a more harmonious love between people who have had sexual problems or difficulties in bed.

Jasmine is known to be an herb, oil or aroma to increase fertility. It has a sweet smell that causes us to take pause and want to be still and enjoy its embrace. It can be overwhelming so use in small quantities. 
Jasmine is important to use when trying to mend a broken heart or to reunite lovers or for aid in conception.
Juniper has components that cause us to be enlightened to our higher consciousness. It is a clearing aroma that opens up our crown chakra allowing us to make right choices. This can be a great aid in allowing us to be open to feelings of love and greater, deeper emotional state of being. This essence can allow us to clear blockages that may hold us or others back from being open and honest with ourselves and others about our true emotions, intentions and direction.
Lavender is used in love potions when one wants a sedative effect to surround themselves and a loved one. Lavender creates and very relaxed and almost intoxicating feeling. Giving a lavender pillow to the one you love is said to increase their dreams of you.

Patchouli should be used if your loved one suffers from stress, especially related to work which may cause them to suffer from erection disfunction or lack of gusto for love making. Patchouli helps bring about relaxation for intimate moments. It is a deeply earthy scent that is grounding and calming. Many people do not like this aroma however - it can be a love it or hate it scent. 
Rose oil or buds can be used in your potions to bring about pure love and romantic passion. Rose is the most helpful ingredient in your mixture because of its all of the parts of the rose can be used from the leaves to the thorns depending on the desired outcome. Stems can be used to stimulate the root chakra and bring about balance in a confusing love relationship and to draw one closer to you or create a new connection. Petals can be used to create a true romantic connection of pure love. Leaves can be used to create balance and harmony in a relationship that is argumentative. Thorns can be used in darker magic, although I do not advise this, when a love triangle is at hand. 

The fruit of strawberry can be used to aid in good luck for finding love. It is also a very good aphrodisiac. It is used in spells to draw love to you or in sex magic.

Thyme can be used when you need that extra boost of courage to approach someone you would like to be involved with. This is used for potions for self more than to be used on or with others. Thyme can bring about a heightened sense of self, esteem and courage to go out and get what you want! 
Vanilla is another herb used in love pillows to be given to your hearts desire. It brings about deep passionate dreams of the one who gave the pillow. It also is an aphrodisiac. Most everyone loves the scent of vanilla and is offensive to none. Mixed with Lavender can create quite a sensual environment. Adorn your bed with love pillows for a deeply stimulated sexual experience. Use the hulls of the vanilla bean in love amulets and wear around the neck to stimulate the opposite sex to be drawn to you. 

Ylang Ylang:
Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac. It has euphoric qualities that intoxicate and stimulate the senses. It can be overwhelming and should be used in small quantities in your potion.  Ylang Ylang can be used in both love potions and sex potions and will enhance the other oils in your mixture! 



  1. What a great reference! Thank you so much, Azz! LOL - now I want to go sniff some jasmine - I love the scent SO much!

  2. Ohhh me too and honeysuckle : ) well pretty much all of them lol.
    I have been behind on blogging - could you tell?
    I am behing on reading your blog too!
    Promise to catch up I LOVE your blog!

  3. Thank you Azz. So grateful to read you here in Spain where Spring is blooming and I can walk in the lavender fields. Sending love.


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