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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clients, What Type Are You?

Just the Facts - This client wants only direct answers. As a reader I must hold back on details that may be necessary for the full picture. This client wants dates, timelines and predictions but does not want the full message on how such information could play out.
This can be an advisors most frustrating client because their level of patience for detail is lacking and they usually are only out for the answers they want to hear and not the pathways and options available to them.  This client can be a challenge as they can narrow the scope so much that the advisor reading for them has little chance to teach them anything about their personal choices, their free will, and the reasons why their patterns seem to keep coming back and harming their life path. Predictions, timelines and facts are a component of a good and through reading but they should not be weighed heavily if the client is not open to truly hearing the other necessary messages from their advisor.
Spiritually Enlightened - This is the client who looks for a reason behind everything and I am truly a person who does believe everything happens for a reason. However this client may be giving far too much leeway to a person in their life because they need to believe that every single person and situation has a “reason” or therefor excuse to treat them they way they are being treated. SOme people are just not healthy for us even if they are a soul mate or in our soul group. The spiritually enlightened client can often times allow another person to remain in their path because they feel that it is necessary for their own spiritual growth. I do enjoy working with this type of client but my message to you if you are this type is not to continue to stay in a path that is not healthy for you in the here and now. Those life lessons will have their chance to come to you regardless of if you stay on this path right now or move forward! Do not let the desire for spiritual enlightenment cause you to become stagnant! 
There is no Hope - This client will twist their advisors positive messages into negative ones no matter what they are told. They simply cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. They usually are in a very stagnant life path at the time and are tired, and know it is time to let go or move on or find a new path but they have come to the advisor for a fairy tale that they simply are not going to get, providing they are speaking with an ethical advisor. A good advisor will try to enlighten a client toward a more positive outcome, a better path or show what will happen if they do change their habits and patterns. The client who can find no hope in a reading is either seeking advice from a gloom and doom advisor who reads for them in a manner that is making them feel the need to cling to their reader and become addicted to psychic readings or, as more likely the case, are not getting the fluffy readings they desire, the fairy tales they want to hear and only focusing on the negative in the readings. If you are this type of client you most likely already know you need to change your behaviors, choices, patterns and the like but you are looking for that last glimmer of hope from your advisor to stay on your current path and then playing the victim when you do not get those uplifting positive messages and the outcome you desired to begin with. 
The Venter - This client really does not want a true reading but rather to have someone they can lash out at and blame for the lack of happiness in their lives. Sometimes this client is intentionally malicious but most of the time they are innocent and really do not even realize what they are doing. They have usually exhausted their friends of hearing their stories of despair or they do not feel there is anyone in their daily lives that would understand or perhaps tolerate their life story so they seek out a psychic advisor to lean on. Once into the reading they begin to make excuses for why things are not working for them putting up road block after road block, claiming they have tired everything to make their lives more workable. This client has usually hit their own road block and it will be very difficult to get past them. Understanding that not everyone wants their problems solved and sometimes needs to vent is key but as an advisor I have to be sure I do not become the whipping post. 
It’s All About Me - Sometimes a person just cannot understand that it’s really not all about them. Sometimes people are simply in a place in their lives where they are not ready for the same level of intensity you are. Sometimes the person you may be seeking a reading on simply needs more time before they can show you the side of them that you want them to. The client who cannot get past the “me” syndrome is usually seeking validation through another person. This type of client really needs to focus on self as ironic as that may sound. When we keep looking toward others for validation or justification there is usually a missing link within our own esteem or self awareness. It is a common theme for this type of client to ask a multitude of questions about the person they want the reading on. They are desperately searching for a way to make sense of why this person is not coming forward. This theme is usually common when the person they have their sights set on is not outwardly rejecting them yet holding them at a distance. This non-committal attitude of the other person leaves the client seeking guidance in a lurch not able to comprehend why the other person will not come forward yet at the same time is not letting them go. The client then keeps digging for some reason, something they did wrong, something they can do better, a means to connect to this other person. The fact is that when the timing is right, it simply is and no amount of work on the clients part is going to change where a person stands on their path. 
The What-If’r - The What If client is malleable to a fault and oh so willing to change for another person. This type of client is usually at their wits end, desperate and willing to try just about anything to win the heart of someone. This client has devalued their own core essence so much so that it may be already impossible for them to ever gain the respect of the one they desire. This type of client will ask many questions starting with phrases such as “What if I...” “What would happen if...” “Maybe if I ....” “Could I try ...”
and the sort. There are only so many somersaults and cartwheels we can turn before we not only make ourselves dizzy but those in our lives as well. Changing who you are will not win the heart of someone who did not love you to begin with. Changing who you are should only be done for yourself not for others. When we so desire to be with another person we can certainly justify to ourselves that this change is a good thing or necessary but in reality is only to attract the attention of another and therefore is not healthy change. 
These are of course only a handful of the types of client you may be, or as an advisor may have come to you. The purpose of laying out these common types is not to put anyone down or to hurt feelings but to make it possible for both the client and advisor to see a little into what client needs are, where a person is coming from and perhaps give some insight to how to change these patterns if you are the client. 
If you are a client and identify with one or more of these types perhaps try to be more open to a full and honest reading. Accept that most experts are not simply mechanical devices that will always adapt to your personality. It not easy to draw on energy and get the information you need along with dealing with individual quirks, frustrations, hurt etc.
Some advisors are more spiritually inclined and can give detailed spiritual readings. Other advisors take a more psychological approach and can work with angry and frustrated clients more easily. Some advisors purely want to give off predictions and make statements and do not care to go into the how and why of it all. A well rounded advisor is capable of picking up on your cues and reading for any type of client.
An advisor client relationship is however a two way street and respect must be given each way. 
With Love,



  1. Azz that was very well presented and really enjoyed reading, i think i can see myself in this at times LOL! I still see myself needing reasurance on all the amazing info you have given me, but now i believe its time for me to help myself and bring it more into reality and see beyond the blury lines between this world and the next.. Azz do i have to pick up where you finished? :D xxx

  2. I think I've been a few of these a time or two LOL. Good article. BUT you forgot the Zoolander client...you know the one who tries to hit on alll the female advisors because he's really really really ridiculously good looking. LOL. haha :)

  3. OMG LMAO !!!! Trish I love your sense of humor!

  4. Theresa - You have come a lot further than you give yourself credit for my love!


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