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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Witchcraft or Knowledge? Eating Toward Your Desires!

What if you want shinier hair or glowing skin? What if you want to increase your chances of conception? What if your desire is to improve your memory or concentration?
You could cast a spell or you could do what many kitchen witches have known for eons! 
Eating healthy and eating the right vitamins and minerals is magic in and of itself! 
Magic is not just about saying some select words, having a clear intention and burning the proper candle! 
Magic is about manifesting and taking proper and healthy actions in which in addition to ritual and prayer, candles and intents will as a whole mix into a wonderful witches brew of results! 
If you want to conceive then eat foods rich in vitamin E and Selenium, B6 and B12.
B12 is known to increase sperm count in men, and B6 balances female hormone levels.
Selenium is necessary for active sperm in men and reduces the chance of miscarriage in women. 
And we all have heard what Vitamin E can do for the male libido but in reality it promotes healthy reproductive tissues overall. 
What if you want to grow longer, stronger, healthier and shinier hair? What if you want longer stronger nails? Make your eye color more vivid and deep or brighter and lighter? I have been asked about casting spells for these things and while such spells do exist it is the wise witch who knows when to let people know how to do these things in a much simpler and far less expensive way! 
See, witches have always known about herbs, vitamins, minerals, oils, flowers, - nature as a whole. And witches know how to manipulate these things to their benefit by proper mixtures, cooking or boiling them down and other methods. Witches are not far from your scientists of today, nor alchemists of the past. Perhaps due to fear or the stigma society placed on witches and witchcraft as a whole society failed to see that the core essence of a witch or witchcraft is not all that much hocus pocus but really just good ol down to earth common sense, knowledge and know how. 
Oh and if you do want that shiny hair or stronger longer nails or to enhance your eye color - be sure you are getting plenty of Zinc in your diet as it is vial to hair and nail maintenance! And for your eyes - Vitamin A! 
Remember in Wicca its not just about magic, or concoctions or potions or candle burning. Its an all around overall mind body spirit connection. Its about the human condition and overall well being. Magic is in all of us, its a spiritual gift we are all bestowed with, we chose wether we use it or not, and even better, if we live by it or not. 
Eat well, get plenty of sleep, drink a lot of water, do not drink alcohol often, do not smoke often if at all, give to others, do good deeds, exercise, and think positive! Then in addition add in prayer, ritual, meditation, music, singing, and laughter! These are a few of the base ingredients to having the life you wish to live. 
Also treat others the way you want to be treated and by all means never allow someone to treat you in a way that you would not treat another! It is perfectly FINE to have expectations of others and to have standards! 
If you can do this then you will find that you walk ON a magical path and you live IN the realm of magic. You do not need all the bells and whistles, you simply will BE the magic within you! 


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