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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wherever You Go There You Are

So you’ve heard the saying but what does it mean?
In the literal sense it makes sense. But spiritually speaking I feel this sentence has a very strong meaning.
When I say spiritual journey, by the way, I mean your life. Every choice, decision, confrontation, situation, person you meet and so on.
Everything you do, things that happen to you and things you make happen.
This is your spiritual journey, being human. 
In your spiritual journey there are so many twists and turns. 
Lefts, rights, middle grounds, playing it safe, taking risks. 
One often wonders if they are making the right choice, taking the right path, where did they fall off track, how do they get back on track? 
So many questions, so much confusion, many joys and pleasures and often pain.
One cannot run away from problems - when you run you either land right back in the same mess again or your problems follow you. Patterns repeat, karma catches up, etc.
But how do you know if you are where you should be? If you are doing things “right”?
I want to state quite clearly right now, there are NO wrong choices! 
Thats right. NONE.
Now I realize that is a very strong statement! I mean what if a person’s “choice” is to commit a crime or do something harmful to oneself. While I do not advocate criminal acts or acts of self destruction spiritually speaking there is a reason why everything happens. These bad things that happen help souls progress in the afterlife even when they are terrible occurrences. Regardless “Wherever you go there you are” refers to being in a place and time, in a circumstance or situation where you feel perplexed as to why you would have to be there, right now, on that path. What meaning does it have? Why do you have to go through this? What are you learning? Are you progressing? 
That is what you have to stop and ask yourself. Even in the darkest of moments there are things we can learn from the experience that in one way or another will benefit us, or someone else later on. 
I want to give an example. Often in my work I speak with women in bad relationships. Women who know they should move on or let go of a man they love. Now to be fair this happens to men as well, its not just the women. Sometimes it is clear that she is not ready to move on. There is a reason she is hanging on. Perhaps it is obsession, sometimes it is the desire to “win” the man over, ie Ego. Sometimes she is desperately in love truly in love, other times it is false promises and denial. Regardless the reason holds its own individual merit. Does the reason not to let go matter? Is one reason any less important in the sum of the whole? No, it is not because each lesson learned along the path is valuable to that person. Perhaps it is denial that holds her back, but then working through denial is her life path lesson in that moment of time. Perhaps it is obsessive behaviors in which case often times I need to refer to a counselor but as a spiritual guide it is no less important that this woman work through her obsessive behaviors and through being where she is she will have a chance to do so. Sometimes we have to accept that while we can sit in judgement and see so logically and clearly someone could have a better path, an easier path and even be happier with someone else this is where she is now. This is her path now, this is her lesson now, and this is her souls journey now. So wherever you go - there you are. You are moving forward even if in the progress of doing so you are taking a few steps back or to the side. We can be really good at doing the two step all by ourselves but as long as we learn to love and accept ourselves as spiritual beings, on a journey, that is not always very well mapped out, we can do a much better job at working through our path. It is when we allow for guilt, shame, and lack of esteem to hold us back that we are most injured and limping along our path. Walk tall, strong and bold on your path, this is your journey and it is not for anyone else to tell you if you have made the right choices or the wrong ones. Sometimes the most wonderful delights and gifts are found when we take a “wrong turn” but then how wrong can it be when we discover such joys along the way? 
Many could say I was “wrong” for having children with their biological father. He was not old enough, mature enough, stable enough, and so many other things I could list. Looking back - hindsight is in fact 20/20 he was not the best man to have children with, but if I had not made that “mistake” I would not have the two simply amazing kids I do now and I would not trade that “mistake” for anything in the world! 
So what about things that appear to be truly dastardly mistakes? What about when someone harms another? What about when someone is murdered? Raped? 
How can that not be wrong? 
Again we are speaking from the standpoint of ALL of us being spiritual beings, and trust me if someone harmed one of my children as a human, I would want vengeance. I am not about to tell anyone I am so love and light I would not want to hurt them back. However as a spiritual advisor and someone who has deeply studied this for my entire life, I can say there is a reason for these horrible things too. 
When we come to this earth we have soul contracts and lessons to learn. Each of us need to go through many lifetimes to uncover all these lessons which over time and many lifetimes as a collective whole give us our ultimate enlightenment as a soul. 
In some lives we have to experience great joys and in some great pains and in most a fairly balanced mix of the two. Now and then we are going to be the bad guy. If we do not as spiritual energies ever take on the burden of being the “bad guy” then we will not learn the lessons we must learn to become enlightened in our soul being.
Over the course of multitudes of lifetimes our souls collect all of this knowledge and empathy in order to one day go to be with our divine being and become what we know as angels and spirit guides. It takes a long time getting there and every lesson you can imagine - all the joys, all the pains, all the highs and lows one can ever dream of. But eventually we finally after a long hard soul journey become one with the light. Then and only then can be help others here on earth as we live only in the spirit realm. 
And that, in a very basic nutshell is the foundation of my belief system, about life and death, why we are here, reincarnation and the reason for it, good and evil and the balance thereof, and how we finally become one with the Devine Being. That is why wherever you go - there you are, and why you should embrace the lessons you learn while you are there. Why no one should ever tell you that you are making the “wrong” choice on your path, even if there are logical reasons why they feel they way they do, you are here for your own soul purpose. Yes as a human being and as a psychic there are times I want to tell a client “get out” you will not find happiness at the end of this path and there are times I do tell clients this, I have to when asked for outcomes, predictions, when doing readings. However the other side to the preverbal coin is as a spiritual advisor, I also understand the reasons why even after being told so - the client choose to stay exactly where they are. 
Just remember this is your soul’s journey, your life path, no one else’s and whatever you choose as long as you are doing your best to learn the lessons behind the actions you are in fact on the right path.
With love, 


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