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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simple Spell for Drawing Love

Items Needed:
Rose Buds - fresh or dry - represent love, courage and steadfastness, longevity.
Pink Ritual Candle - for true love
Baby’s Breath - fresh or dry, represent purity and innocence 
Paper - preferably parchment but any will do.
This simple spell will draw love to you. If you want this spell to work you cannot ask for a specific love, but only ask for TRUE LOVE. This spell is not intended to ask for the man or woman you have been wooing over for years to suddenly open up to you. This spell is a true and honest love spell that will draw a healthy, open, and nurturing love into your life. This will most likely NOT be someone already in your life right now. Do not do this spell unless you are truly ready and open to a new and wonderful romance! 
Here are the simple instructions:
As with any spell, proper concentration of items is key, as well as an INETNT for your spell work. For this spell a simple Intent of “I would like to draw healthy and true love into my life” would suffice. You can’t get more direct than that! 
Light your candle.
Speak your intent.
Write the word LOVE on the paper - this is where you may get creative, make the word “love” pretty with scrolling letters, glitter, markers, anything you like to decorate it.
Place the paper under your candle.
Allow the candle to burn fully - dripping wax on the paper - be careful not to start a fire.
As the candle is burning put your mental focus on a healthy open and caring love. Do not think of any specific man or woman - just a healthy love.
Sprinkle rose buds around the candle on the paper in a circle. 
Continue to consider your intent.
When the candle is half way down, sprinkle the baby’s breath around the candle on the outside of the rose buds. You will now have two circles around your candle. An inner circle of rose buds and an outer circle of baby’s breath. 
Allow for the wax dripping from the candle to land on the paper and mix with the flower buds.

When the candle has burnt out, fold the paper up with wax and buds inside of it. 
Place paper in a sachet, a fabric bag, a piece of fabric of any kind. Make sure whatever material you wrap the paper and remaining flower buds in is a porous material so the materials may breathe. 
Place the bundled “package” under your pillow or under your bed, in a window by your bed, somewhere close to where you sleep for 17 days.
By the end of 17 days you will have met your true love.
Feel free to post your results! 


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