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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Putting Out Getting Back

No this blog post is not about sex lol 
This post is about charting your energy / time.
Time is energy. What we put out into the universe is what we get back but that does not mean we can sit around focused on worry or what we lack and expect that the universe is going to reward us for this.
For the purpose of this exercise, think about yourself for a moment. Consider what you spend your energy on in any given day, week, or month. Ask yourself where you are putting your thoughts, your actions, your time, your energy and your focus.
Now get a piece of paper and a pen. Write down a chart with percentages of the time you spend doing whatever it is you do. Be honest, even if you are at work are you focused on your work or more of the time are you actually focused on personal issues? Try to be as fair in your self assessment as possible . 
My personal assessment would be as such:
Care and transportation of kids, school work with kids, and family time: 30%
Care of pets and home 10%
Work related things such as blogging, speaking with clients (not doing readings), and doing readings 30%
Time to focus on myself, watch television, doing nothing time 5%
Sleep, eating, showering etc. 10%
Misc things I am forgetting or not paying attention to 15%
Worry and Stress 100% – I have to admit with all things comes stress and worry! I worry about my kids, health issues, having enough quality time with kids and family, work, worry for my clients and their development, fear of having enough for the bills, if the kids are doing well in school, feeling I need more time for myself, if the pets are happy, etc and so on.
However, when looking over my assessment one thing I notice is that a lot of the time I am spending is for and about others. The time I actually spend with fear or worry for my own personal well being is small in comparison. I also know that no matter how much time I spend with worry or fear that the universe always does come through for me, I am taken care of. This does not necessarily limit the time I spend with fear and worry but it does help me see that all things in my life, both positive and negative are there for a reason and that in the end, all things do work out as they should.
When you do your assessment try to notice how much time you spend with worry about your own life and situation. Are you putting out your energy mainly for yourself or are you directing your energy toward others?  
We are a very self centric society and we all obviously have our desires and our needs, however I have noticed over many years doing work with people, that on the spiritual level, those who give out to the universe with worry or concern for others, tend to be happier and get more back from the universe than those who are self focused.
Now I am not trying to make anyone feel bad for how they spend their energy. I have been in my self focused modes in many stages of my life and am far from my own self centered attitudes lol. We have all been there and will be there again at some point. I am merely trying to express that Universal Laws are often misunderstood. The law of attraction is not about sitting around WORRYING about finding our perfect soul mate or being FEARFUL of not getting that perfect job! The law of attraction is about being proactive and going out and taking action on giving out to the universe the feeling that we can offer as much as we desire! By doing volunteer work we put out energy that is going to get us back equally toward our desires and goals. By taking time to speak with a friend about their relationship and helping them overcome adversity will put out the energy of someone who is deserving of love and compassion from others. Now there are many other Universal Laws but I used the Law of Attraction because honestly it is the most popular.
When you look at your diagram. How much of this time spent is done so in a positive way and in effort to make a good life for others and those who are around you? How much is done in a self defeating and negative thought process sort of way? How much of your time spent is on true action and not just thought? Yes the power of thought is strong and we can manifest wonderful things or negative things with our thought processes, but if you want real results actions must be taken! Try to see if you can improve on the time you put out toward others in your thoughts, your words and your actions.
We all have our moments of feeling sorry for ourselves, I am guilty of this as much as the next person. However if you are spending more time worried, fearful, complaining or simply out right bitching about your life and where it is going it is time to take a serious look at your diagram and make changes. We all know someone either a friend or someone at work who simply is never happy. Lets face it we have probably been that person a time or two. No matter how things look to us on the outside this person always has something going wrong with their life. It is not for us to judge them or say their problems are not as big as our own or that they are just spoiled because we all handle our paths in different ways and sometimes it is necessary to sit on the ol pity pot for a while. However, there has to be a time where we pick ourselves up and say NO MORE! I will empower myself and take positive action to change the direction my life is going! When we or someone we know get to this place it is time to suggest the good ol diagram to put things back into perspective!
I suggest we all use this as a means to determine how we are putting out and WHAT we are putting out. It is a simple and easy way to determine if we are giving what we are hoping to receive and it helps when times are tough to have distractions and do for others. It helps to take the focus off of our own misgivings and realize we are not the center of the universe and once we do that, trust me the universe WILL give back! 


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