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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meditation Music, How to Choose the Right Music

If you use music when you meditate, and you should, it is important to consider the type of music you are listening to. I love to meditate to music but I also ask myself what is the goal of my mediation? Am I meditating to relax? To ease stress? For an energy boost? Yes meditation can do all that and more! Meditation is not just for inner peace and calm but can bring about an energy boost, stronger confidence, ease relationship problems, pretty much anything you can imagine! In a sense meditation is like spell work, it is manifesting what we need in our lives. So before you put that same ol meditation music on ask yourself what your goal is and then consider the following:
If you are meditating for romance, love or passion you will want to play something that touches your heart, perhaps a special song shared by the two of you or a song that reminds you of that special someone. Sometimes we know a relationship is over but meditating to a song that meant something to the two of  you can help you mend the wounds of your broken heart. Since music is tied to memory you can focus on the positive things in your relationship and let go of some of the pain or resentment you may be holding onto. Now obviously it will be difficult for you to meditate through a pool of tears and you may not be ready to meditate to your special song yet if meditating to let go. However if you want to enhance passion, build a solid relationship meditating to “mood music” will help. You can always come back to meditating to let go when you feel stronger.
Meditating for inner calm is amplified by playing nature sounds such as waterfall sounds, rain sounds, chirping birds or wind chimes. By the association with nature we get a feeling of peace and calm. Anything that feels natural to you is fine, such as native drumming sounds or woodwind music. If it feels natural and relaxing then it is going to help you with your meditation when trying to find that harmony you seek. We must remember in meditation we are not just trying to decompress, relax or unwind but we are also working with our energy vibrations and energy patterns. Attempting to get them in to a balance for the outcome we desire. When seeking inner calm we want to seek out music that not only pleases our ears but our energy as well. You will notice perhaps that playing some natural music grates on your nerves where other sounds seem to vibrate within your core in a humming and nurturing way. That is the music you want to play while meditating for inner calm.
If you are meditating to ease illness that creates a lethargic feeling, boost energy levels or to overcome a desire to sleep too much play music that works with your higher vibrational patterns. Reggae, island music, calypso, or even jazz seem to work well for this type of meditation. Some people like playing show tunes or movie theme music as well! For some the sound of rushing water rapids work or the sound of jet airplanes! It is part personality and part common sense really but what it all comes down to is consider your meditation intention and then consider the music. 

I know for years I had the habit of using the same meditation CD over and over because it was the only one I had and I never took into consideration that not every meditation is the same! Since I have been using music wisely my abilities to meditate and actually see the outcome of my practice has increased by over 70%! The rest is only up to me, and doing my practice more regularly! 
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