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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Magical Meanings of Colors - RED

Colors have a major impact on our emotions. Colors can lift us up when we feel down or  they can relax us when we need to unwind. 
We are surrounded by color every day but many of us fail to notice the way the colors around us make us feel. Imagine your work place being all grey in color. Drab, dull and lifeless. How would it feel to work in that environment all day long? Depression is known to take over workers in drab atmospheres such as prisons, hospitals, and industrial plants. Now imagine working in a bright cheerful work place. Day care centers, candy stores, Lingerie shops. Workers in these places do not necessarily make the big bucks but the atmosphere visually is far more appealing and energizes the workers. 
Color not only has an impact on our overall mental state but also has magical purposes as well. Truly they are one and the same when you consider the power of the mind in staying healthy, achieving our goals, and manifesting our own future. 
Lets take a look at color and its affects on us and their magical meanings.
Red has the slowest rate of vibrational energy yet the longest wavelength. While it can raise blood pressure it also can strengthen the body. Red is a stimulating color. It can wake us up when tired. It is a striking color and is easily noticed. 
Magically speaking it is a color to incite passion and sexual energy.
In ritual work red is used for fertility, to strengthen, to influence and increase will power. It can draw out courage, increase sexual energy and passion. Red is also used for mental courage and to increase focus. Red candles are routinely used in spell casting for these purposes. The use of a red candle in any spell can magnify the spell work. 
Red in daily life can be worn when you need to beat a lethargic feeling and need to maintain focus. I recommend wearing red when you have an important meeting, need to  showcase your creativity, during business travel or anytime you need an extra kick in your overall energy level.
Be sure to check back for more magical color meanings.
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