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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Magical Meanings of Color: Yellow

Some relate yellow to weakness or being feminine and while it is a very feminine color yellow is also uplifting and energizing! Just like Orange which I covered yesterday the color of yellow is often used to wake up sleepy employees in offices. Lemon essence is commonly used in the work place as the smell of citrus overall is a rejuvenating aroma! Aromatherapists know the benefits of citrus essences as well and use them for clients who need that extra boost! 
Yellow brings out inner power, calms butterflies and helps stress related tension! Yellow is a great color to wear on that first date, job interview or to the in-laws house! 
Yellow also helps aid in the digestive system and helps with flatulence, bowel irritations and upset tummy. Wearing yellow, burning a yellow candle or smelling lemon oils can help decrease these irritations!  
Try using yellow plates, napkins or cups if you tend to rush when you eat or do not chew your food slowly enough - you will find that you are more relaxed at meal times and enjoy your food more and ease stomach upset after dining! You can also sniff lemons, or lemon essential oil to aid in digestion after eating! 

Yellow also helps aid in communication which is another reasons to wear yellow at job interviews or to the in-laws! 
Yellow is also known to stimulate memory.
Yellow is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra and is associated with empowerment, vitality, will power and persona strength!

Yellow is considered by psychologists to be the happiest color.
Ironically the comic book character The Green Lantern was afraid of the color yellow! 
In spell work a yellow candle is used to increase physical and mental activity, to encourage creativity, to manifest unity, help using concentration, increasing the imagination, to gain another’s confidence or persuade someone.

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