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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Magical Meanings of Color: Orange

This is article two of the eight part mini series of Magical Color meanings - see previous articles here:
Orange is one of my favorite colors. Orange promotes well being, energy and confidence. If you think of people you have known over the years only the most confident and outrageous people wear orange! If you think of orange in the sense of the fruit it is indeed packed with Vitamin C for energy and well being. Orange essential oils have been used in office places for years in order to awaken tired employees and get their creative juices flowing - no pun indented. 

The color orange has benefits on the reproductive system and the digestive system as well. 
Orange candles are used in spell work to aid in job interviews, boost confidence before public speaking engagements, promote creative ability, help with writers block and more. I burn an orange candle often when blogging! 
Orange also helps in legal matters. Wearing a splash of orange in the court room helps as does burning an orange candle before a court date. 
Having the color of orange, the scent of orange or an orange candle burning while doing manifesting work, spell work or even while meditating will help in situations where you need to find your inner focus. I recommend using orange anytime you are doing self improvement work such as manifestations, vision boards, mantras, affirmations and the like.
Stay tuned for more magical color meanings! 


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