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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Magical Meanings of Color: Green

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I love green! Green (and brown) to me mean nature, abundance, LIFE, resources, giving and receiving. To me green is mother nature, the grass, the leaves on trees, plant life, vegetation, and so much more! 
Green can reconnect us with the earth when we feel out of balance. Wearing green restores the balance in your energy and connects you to earth energy which is nurturing, healing and wisdom. 
Gardening is known to help heal people who are ill. In some cancer treatment centers patients are encouraged to keep a small window garden to promote healing and harmony. Obviously there is an association with the color green to gardening! 
The color green aids in relaxation and is good for the mind, body and spirit not to mention has been tested to be good for the heart as well because it lowers blood pressure due to its energy vibrations! Green is also the color associated with the heart chakra.
Oh my when I think of the herbs I grow and the energy they give to me from relaxing energy to vibrant energy - I cannot express enough how wonderful it feels to take a whiff of sage and feel the cleaning feeling it provides, or to smell my rosemary plants and ease into a relaxing feeling of Ahhhhhhhhh. 
Green also helps with depression and anxiety.
Green is seen in usage for recycling, safety signs, farmers aid support and many other well-known organizations symbolizing well being. 
You may notice many well known companies use the color green for their logos because green is a color that plays on both sides of the spectrum and can accommodate soothing, relaxation, rejuvenation, and excitement! 
For me, green means vitality, grounding, and wholesomeness. Something we all need! 
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