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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Magical Color Meaning: Purple

Purple is a very spiritual color it is the color that symbolizes the crown chakra, and helps aid in psychic ability. Purple is a balancing and soothing color. If you think of my earlier post about Lavender here: Lavender 
you will see how clearly this herb is defined by its color. Purple is everything the herb Lavender is and more! 
It is a color traditionally worn by clergy and signifies awareness and spiritual growth. 
It is a soothing color that brings peace, calm and harmony.
It has been said however never to wear purple to a job interview as purple is known to be a sign of being in control and having great wealth and power and can put your interviewer on the defense feeling as if you are trying to control the interview or be “above them”. 
Leonardo da Vinci believed that the color purple increased the power of meditation. 
Purple is used often in medicine, colors of medications and labels as it is said to be soothing and bring calm and balance and what is good for us mentally is good for us emotionally therefore good for us physically. It is the mind body spirit connection. 
Violet has the shortest wavelength of the color spectrum.
To me, purple is joy, creativity, fun, and being young! Purple is not boastful or proud nor is it meek and shy! Purple stands there in the middle of the crayon box saying “Hey Im here when your ready to REALLY explore!” 
Purple does not want to stay in the lines, purple wants to go off-roading, hiking, backpacking, and camping BUT purple also knows how to clean up if needed and put on the regal robe and sip champagne for an evening too. Purple is laid back and relaxed but in that awesome cool surfer dude way that while is so easy going and live and let live is also ready for the next big wave! 

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