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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just Warms My Heart!

A lovely client of mine sent me a review of my spell casting services which I of course would love to share with my readers. Thank you "C" for your kind words! 



I personally don't do any comments but I thought I really want to share this with everyone.

I"ve done many spell from different casters and none of them are working and I even had a woman asked me for $3000AUD otherwise, my man will gone forever. Until I found Azz, I read all her blog , her articles are very detail especially the caster article, it explains to me everything and how does it works etc. So i think I give it a go and I started email to Azz, the spells which cast from Azz are so different, she asked me to focus on what I want and helped me to back into the right track. Azz is not only a spell caster for me, she is my friend, she treated me like her friend, she cares about my feeling . We email each other everyday during the casting process, it felt like she is giving me energy and walk me though that painful journey.

I've done 10 days spell from Azz and on the 12th days, my ex contacted me. We met and I can see the love in his eyes, I can feel the different although he's not asking me back yet but at least he shows me he wanted to work it out. We will take time and try to work it out together. He 's very stubborn man, we have been together for 2 and half years and have on and off relationship and now this is the first time he was trying to listen to me and was finally opened up his heart to me.

After the spell casted, not only I have hope with my ex , I also feel the change of myself , I feel more positive, I understand myself more. So everyone, if you feel you have no hope and doesn't know what to do, try Azz as she will give you the honest advise and if you follow everything she asked you to do then it will works. Today, I ordered another 2 spells from Azz, one is for my career and the other one is for my self improvement. I have faith with these 2 spells also as I believe in Azz.

Thank you Azz for everything, I will definitely become your regular customer.


For Information about Spell Work, Ethical Spell Casting and my Casting Services please see this article:

Spells Demystified



  1. Awwwww......WELL DONE to both of you, client AND caster! :)

  2. Thank you Trish! : ) And thank you for giving her credit too! Your a sweetheart! xox


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