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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Everybody's Doing It! What “Type” of Person Gets a Psychic Reading?

I recall when I was a child there was a stigma attached to those who sought out professional counseling. Later, having your own therapist was considered hip, cool, fashionable even. Being in therapy was the norm, acceptable and thankfully so! 
It was due time everyone opened up that mental health was as necessary and acceptable as physical health! The mind body connection finally stepped out of the closet! 
Psychic readings, tarot, astrology etc are certainly not anything new, however these services are certainly stepping into the forefront recently and becoming also more widely accepted. Stock brokers, investment bankers, lawyers, everyone seems to be seeking spiritual guidance these days. Its about time to have that mind, body, AND spirit connection! 
Long before science and research became what it is today, our greatest minds, our scholars, history’s “scientists”  largely based  their studies, beliefs and advice on what we perceive today as “spiritual guidance or knowledge”. Our historians, our alchemists, our educators, all used our universal records for reference into our past, present and future. 
In the 80’s we even saw an emergence of psychology entwined with spirituality when doctors began to study bio-feedback, telekinesis, hypnotherapy and other “scientific paranormal experiences”. 
Psychology’s interested in the paranormal and spirituality has always been shrouded in mystery and hidden from public view as much as possible, but it has to be obvious to anyone looking, science does love the mystical! Without mystery, there would be nothing for science to study, or understand! 
So its not just the “insane” who seek therapy, counseling, psychologists, etc and its not just “batty spiritual people” seeking the psychic services! Every day people just like yourself, are getting readings, all types of people from movie stars, diplomats, teachers, lawyers, police officers, everyone is doing it! 
As a matter of fact, several of my own clients who are in some pretty difficult soul mate relationship situations seek the help of both myself and a counselor! One of which I  communicate with their therapist so we can work as a team on her path! 
If you are reading this and wondering if a psychic reading, or a tarot reading or any kind of spiritual guidance is right for you then consider this:
My client base reaches as far as Asia, Australia, the Philippines, London, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Dubai, etc and so on. 
My client base is from unemployed, to very high income wage earners.
My clients range in age from 21 to 74 with the average age of 37.
My clients are 70% women and 30% men.
My clients range from many backgrounds when it comes to spirituality, faith and religion.
My clients are teachers, lawyers, diplomats, scientists, auto mechanics, pilots, housewives, firemen, police officers, dog trainers, nurses, students, advertising agents etc and so on.
Seven of my clients are vegetarians.
Two of my clients are currently quitting smoking.
Five of my clients love horror movies.
Three of my clients are pregnant.
Nine of my clients are recently divorced or getting a divorce.
Three of my clients are getting married soon.
Two of my clients are going through mourning over the loss of a loved one.
Five of my clients have disabled children or a disability of their own.
Fourteen of my clients are in soul mate relationships or soul mate situations.
Three of my clients are on progressive and hard core diets.
Four of my clients work with a therapist in addition to working with me as a team. 
I could give far more examples but do not want to risk confidentiality but please consider that what you are going through - your reasons or needs for seeking spiritual guidance could never be or would never be too unusual or too silly or too small etc. 
Everyone has something in common with another client, we are all very similar on our paths we just have our varied tributaries that make us unique! 
There is no specific “type” of person who seeks spiritual services. 
There is no way to categorize the type of person who asks for wholeness of mind, body and spirit. 
Great leaders of mankind have sought out the advice of great spiritual leaders for many years. Some of our most proliferate political leaders have been highly spiritual! 
There is no reason in todays society to feel you have to hide your spiritual nature. No reason to be afraid to give a spiritual guide a try. The stigma of getting spiritual guidance is a thing of the past. These days its considered as common place as seeing a therapist, a chiropractor or your massage therapist! Its nearly as common as seeing your medical doctor! I would never ever suggest a psychic reading over legal counsel, therapy or a medical doctor but used in conjunction with these services spiritual counseling can give you a full mind body spirit connection! 
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