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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Element Water

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the sun signs of the element water. 
Zodiac signs of this element are ruled by emotions and deep sensitivities. They focus on the subtle nuances most of us do not even notice. 
Water does not take time to worry about intellectualizing on matters when emotion and going with gut instinct is best. Signs of the water element seek securities and connections that are deep and long lasting and prefer smooth gentle waves in a relationship rarely causing a stir however the water signs, just like the element itself can become quite volatile as well when the balance of their nature is upset.
This is the fourth and last “element” installment, so hopefully you read the Air, Fire and Earth articles before this. Like those articles my intention is not to write yet another sun sign article but to discuss what the element of water means personally to me and how I relate to it in my daily living.
I love water, I love it on the basic level and the spiritual level. Water is obviously a huge life force and we are made primarily of water. I drink tons of water daily and feel energized by it even though it does not contain an ounce of caffeine. 
Water reminds me so much of my childhood, growing up playing in creeks and streams. Swimming in ponds, ice skating in the winter when the ponds froze over. When I think of water I also think of snow and the fun I had sledding as a child. 
My favorite weather of all are rain storms or gentle summer showers. Something about the sound of rain falling gently or pounding down makes me feel cozy and warm even if it is cold outside. 
Water to me is about fluidity and motion, water is rarely still, sure there are stagnant waters but the moment something drops into it, or a bug lands on it, or you touch it there is movement and vibration that creates an energy that can not be denied. You can feel from the lightest touch how the movement taps on the surface then spreads out and crawls downward like a living being. The energy of water to me is so alive and vibrant I cannot deny its power. 
When I need time to unwind, focus or relax a bath is my retreat. Often before doing an in-depth reading or regression I take a shower to clear my energies and thoughts. 
Listening to the sounds of rainfall also helps me sleep at night and even if it is not raining outside I will play sounds on my computer or iphone. 
Oh and I cannot fail to mention how much my herb and veggie garden appreciate water! 
Water and Fire elements make a wonderful duo for me spiritually. The deep passionate energy of fire mixed with the emotional frequency of water allow me to feel both free and wild along with sensitive and soothing. Its an amazing mix.
Water and Air give me feelings of the rain showers and storms I so adore. Together they feel like a fresh breath of life. The imagery of the two in meditation allow me to visualize being cleansed and dried and no better way than through nature. 
Water and Earth oh what a sensation to describe, water enhances every aroma on this beautiful planet from the way oak moss smells when wet, flowers release their aromatics into the breeze, and I even enjoy the smell of mildew believe it or not. There is just something so earthy and raw about it. Have you ever noticed how dirt smells when wet? A freshly mowed lawn followed by a rain shower Ahhhhhh nothing better. And before I forget, whatever would I do with my bath oils and foaming gels without WATER! 



  1. I'm a Scorpio and I am definitely ruled by my emotions more often than not. However I am drawn to Fire Signs, mainly Leos and Aries in my friendships and relationships. I dream about water quite often, generally when I am needing some sort of cleansing or when I am going through shifts and phases on my path, I think it's a comfort thing for me. Water is also one of the ONLY sounds that I can meditate to without getting distracted and I listen to it on those Nature Sounds sleep aid CD's. I also like the smell in the air right before it's going to rain :)

  2. Hey Trish - well Leos are pretty amazing but then again I am partial lol. Oh yes and I bet you are like me and can FEEL the rain coming as much as smell it! Isn't that a lovely feeling and scent? xox


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