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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Element Fire

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the sun signs of the element Fire.
I have a lot of FIRE in my life with my son, a Leo, a Leo husband and my Sagittarius daughter! Even one of my closest friends is a Leo. I am surrounded by FIRE and just as Air (my element) fuels fire I certainly can attest to that. I do seem to both irritate the flames and keep them burning with passion and adventure! 
It is funny because of all the elements Fire is probably the one I have considered the least in many ways - at least on a day to day basis, yet I am drawn to it quite obviously but in obscure ways as well.
Even as a child I loved to make flames dance, be it a candle flame or on the gas stove my mother cooked on. 

I actually enjoy holding my fingers in the fire and learning to withstand the pain. Something my daughter is mesmerized by. Yeah I know bad mama lol.
I have always loved the smell of campfires and have been around them often in my life living in the Midwest. My son has found campfires to be something he enjoys but as a fire element Leo that makes sense. 
I like to see how my Gemini Air qualities work with the fire signs I have all around me. 
The Fire element in association with these sun signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius gives us deep burning passions and at times anxious acts of self discovery and exploration yet there is always an unsettled feeling with these signs as if something bigger, better and brighter just may be around the next corner. You will find that typically with these signs they do not like to be TOLD what to do or how or when to do it. They are independent and need a lot of freedom for self expression. Learning to tame the fires of these adventurous and creative beings is something challenging so you need to be the type of person who likes a good challenge and can rise to them as well. 
Again just as with the Air and Earth elements in previous articles over the last two days - I am not here to write yet another “sun sign” article but to explore what the element of FIRE means to me personally.
Fire to me has always said warmth. Passion and excitement - yes much like the sun signs yet in a way I have always thought fire to be soothing. Perhaps it is my need to understand or think my way through obstacles but fire has never been something I found threatening or alarming. 
When I think of fire I see candlelight, bonfires, and creation. I do love to cook and prefer a gas stove over electric. Fire is creativity and something very nostalgic and old. Perhaps in my mind older than earth itself. Granted fire was “discovered” on the earth at some point but somehow in my soul I feel it just has to have been around long before creation of any planets. Perhaps fire itself was a part of creation. 
When I think of fire I always think of Autumn, my favorite month and probably that is due to when most bonfires were built in my youth. It causes me to recall hayrack rides, Halloween parties, and making smores. 
When I do spell work fire is one of the first elements I work with as I light my ritual candles. 
Being from the Midwest fire is used often to burn off fields and is something familiar for me to see around here.
Yes, fire can truly be dangerous and ravage through a forrest and take lives and homes yet one truly has to have respect for fire and appreciation of the positives of this element. As dangerous as it can be it truly is a delicate creature and should be kept close to the heart and respected. Fire can be ones true loyal companion keeping one warm in the cold, cooking food and sanitizing water. When I think of apocalypse or situations where our resources are limited fire is one thing that can in fact make safe living possible, life itself possible. Of course that can be said about any of the elements but I feel fire is one that is most often misunderstood. The same can be said for these sun signs as well. 
Fire and Water - they say they do not mix yet fire aids water in times of sanitation need and with proper balance and respect to both can work in unison for future creation.
Fire and Earth - again as said in a previous post fire is at times necessary to burn off fields so that new harvest can manifest but in addition to that Earth and Fire combined in the proper measures give to creativity and sustaining power that without each other cannot exist.
Fire and Air - make for surprisingly active energy that has a hard time staying grounded yet the creative flow of energy is so empowering as well. Together these two elements can manifest at an amazing speed yet can also become very out of control without caution. 
Fire is a powerhouse element that thrives on the unknown always looking around for the next big thing it can burn through and leave its mark on. Just like the sun signs of this element Fire can be your most loyal and devoted companion or it can leave you in a cloud of smoke. Respect, appreciation and understanding of this larger than life element is key.


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