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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Element Earth

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the three sun signs of the element “Earth”.

Steadfast, cautious, and practical in nature these signs are guided by logic and common sense. They appreciate a good stable life and career. At times can be considered too methodical and rigid. Just as in the Element Air posted yesterday, we can find as many charming and positive qualities as we could negative, however this is not a typical sun sign post as you can find all over the internet. This article focuses on the element Earth itself and what it means to me.

To me Earth is about healing, nature and wisdom. It is about taking an approach that is not forceful or vengeful but grounded and wise.
The element earth reflects sobriety and conscious choice. 
I use earth meditation often when I need to ground my sensibilities in order to do the work that I do. 
Much like the sun signs earth represents we must consider our mother earth in a steadfast and cautious nature because as much as our mother earth can teach us and guide us she can be very resourceful in the ways in which she shows us the damage we do to her. Earth can be your greatest grounding and healing source of energy or your worst nightmare if she feels you have done her harm. 
She is stubborn to the core but oh so wise and nurturing if you allow for her wisdom to be absorbed by your energy! 
When I sit on the ground I can feel the vibrations of the earth beneath me and just as the Native Americans knew to respect our mother earth we too should take heed from this force of nature! 
When I think of “Earth” as a element I do not necessarily consider the universe or the world as much as I consider the smaller compounds that make earth up such as soil, plant life, trees. 
There is nothing more soothing to me than sitting under a large tree for shade in the summer or finding fallen limbs to create something out of such as a new magical wand. I love the crunch of the leaves under my feet in the Autumn and the idea of raking to me is ghastly as I adore the way the leaves blow gently across my yard. I embrace the smells of the flowers that bloom and the way the smell of herbs filter into my home when the windows are open. I love the smell of soil after a rain shower. These are the things that remind me of the element of earth. 
Earth and Water brings about a great appreciation for tradition and life giving. Water assists earth to grow and brings harvest!
Earth and Air are an amazing mix because air helps to send earths delicate seedlings to replant life and allows to blow the wonderful earthly aromas to our location.
Earth and Fire is a powerful duo that can be as destructive as thrilling but with balance and caution can bring renewal and grounds for new harvesting! 


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