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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Element Air

Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are the zodiac signs of the element “air”.
Being an air sign affords one great flexibility and ability for thinking on one’s feet.
Logic is used to a great degree and at times the air signs can seem remote and aloof. 
There are many wonderful and equally as many negativity qualities in any sun sign of each element, however this information is slathered all over the Internet. 
What I really want to write about is Air itself, the element itself and what it means to me.

I will also be writing about the other elements as well. 
To me Air is about fluidity - now I know that makes more sense with water but I view air as being “fluid” in the sense that nothing really gets in its way. If it can not go through an obstacle it will find a way over, under or around it. Much like the signs air represents.
Air is about balance in the sense that we need air and we breath air and when I meditate I often take a moment to consider my breathing and think of the air I am taking in. 
I appreciate a soft summer breeze and love a cool breeze in the summer. In the fall the crisp breeze that blows the crunchy leaves around is my favorite. 
Air can be under appreciated at times as we forget about its value as it is not fighting to be noticed and is quite happy to just exist in its solitude - very much unlike the signs it represents! 
Air carries stories from one place to another, words on the wind, dreams, and tales. Air whispers the voices of our ancestors and brings to us a familiar aroma that sparks memories within us. Air signs are known for being great story tellers, salespeople, and orators.
Air and Fire is a wonderful duo as air fuels the fire so it can burn with more passion.
Air and Earth are a nice combo as earth at times needs air to lift it up a bit so it is not so firmly planted.
Air and Water are a necessary and complex creature as air helps water express its tides upon the shores, keep a flow for clarity and aids in water in being pure.
I love to watch dandelion fluff floating on the air.

Air gives us renewable energy. 

Being from Kansas there is nothing quite like seeing and hearing the air flowing through a wheat field.

Air is invisible yet we know it is there - for that reason air reminds me of faith.


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