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Monday, August 9, 2010

Dream Meaning: Teeth

This is a continuation of a reoccurring segment I am doing on dream meanings. If you are interested in posts like these please be sure to check back for more dream meaning articles. Also please feel free to post comments. When articles get a lot of comments I will post more articles like them! 

To dream you are losing your teeth can mean you need to get your health checked out as it can indicate an ailment. It can also relate to business and career affairs. If your health is good then you may want to take stock of your professional life. 

Teeth rotting or falling out can also indicate you have been dishonest with someone or you are hiding the truth. Usually this is a warning that things will come back on you so watch your karma! 
To dream of shiny well cared for teeth indicates security and well being. It can also indicate something you have worked hard for will come to fruition.
If you dream that you are brushing your teeth it can mean you need to clean up your act. On the opposite side it can show you have been doing a lot of work toward a goal and need to keep at it as you are close to wishes fulfilled. 
Remember key words alone will not really tell you the full outlook of your dream but it is a good place to start, as always I recommend you keep a dream journal and look for emerging patterns.


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